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  1. HP: http://furtheraheadofwarp.com/

  2. We don't have a wiki here yet...
  3. Members:
    ふぅー (guitar, bass)
    itosikikyo (drums)

    Website: http://discoveringtheplace.web.fc2.com

  4. BLANKFIELD is a one-man metal/hardcore doujin circle from Japan, formed in 2007 by warinside. warinside arranges the songs and performs them…

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    Vocals: オカヒラ, mIsAkI
    Guitar: ロー, ARI2
    Drums: バター


  6. We don't have a wiki here yet...
  7. UNDEAD CORPORATION is a melodic death metal/metalcore band formed in Japan which consists of
    パインツリー (Pine Tree) from monochrome-coat as the…

  8. vaguedge.info]Hull's official site

    Please note VAGUEDGE and Vaguedge dies for dies irae are two different artists.

    Vaguedge dies for dies irae is a…

  9. LA KIA is a 東方 (Touhou) doujin circle from Japan. LA KIA's main member is AKIRA, but guest members often collaborate, such as Wooming and しるへい…

  10. Shinigiwa Satellite

    Vocals: 珊瑚ジェーン, Ei☆seitarou


  11. http://santamassacre.blog41.fc2.com

  12. - Introduction -
    Unlucky Morpheus (あんらっきーもるふぇうす) also known as Ankimo (あんきも) for short, is a Melodic Speed Metal doujin circle of two musicians…

  13. Members:





    Support Members:

    Chisato Nishimura


  14. Pizuya's Cell x MyonMyon is a metal Touhou Project arrange doujinshi band from Japan active since 2008. It is a collaboration between the groups…

  15. Heavy/Power Metal band from Japan with some progressive elements, huge Neo-Classical influences and mostly Instrumental formed in Japan, 2007. The…

  16. A Ghost of Flare is a Japanese Metalcore band from Tokyo. They are signed at Garimpeiro Records. "Kodou", their first mini album has been…

  17. 5 piece Melodic-Metalcore/Melodic-Death/Chug band from Tokyo,JAPAN.

    kneeya - Vocal
    takaya - Guitar
    yuuki - Guitar
    bitoku - bass
    daich - drums…

  18. crowsclaw.info/]Official site
    (2003 - Present)

    CROW'SCLAW is a doujin circle led by guitarist, bassist, and composer Taka (鷹), based in Japan. The…

  19. Pizuya's Cell, also known as ぴずやの独房 (Pizuya no Dokubou), is a two-member doujin music circle from Japan active since 2007.
    They mainly focus on…


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