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Clipd Beaks was formed in early 2003 in Minneapolis, Minnesota by Aric Blodgett, Nic Barbeln, Greg Pritchard, Ray Benjamin and Scott Ecklein. These longtime friends decided to start making music together after many years of playing in two separate bands. The name "Clipd Beaks" was lifted from the title of a song from one of these previous bands.

In the summer of 2003, Clipd Beaks recorded and self-released the EP "Gang Caves". Later that year, the band recorded and self-released another EP titled "Winterfucking". After a short tour in early 2004, the band began recording an EP for the Deleted Art label out of Sweden. The EP was completed and named "Preyers" in late 2004, shortly before Greg Pritchard moved west to San Francisco, California. The band continued to play shows and record in Minneapolis throughout the winter of 2004 and spring of 2005. Meanwhile, the release of "Preyers" was being delayed by Deleted Art.

Clipd Beaks eventually relocated to Oakland, California and reunited with Greg Pritchard in mid 2005. Aric Blodgett, however, made an amicable departure from the band around the same time. Soon after moving to Oakland, the band recorded and released "Hobo Droves"; a record which captures the events of a single night through a single microphone hanging from the ceiling in their practice space in East Oakland.

In the fall of 2005, the band gained notice from Tigerbeat6 records, whom later picked up and eventually co-released the "Preyers" EP with Deleted Art in early 2006. The fall of 2006 saw the release of "Robo Gnomes", which is a two disc collection of live and unreleased tracks, as well as "Majik Moments". As of November 2006, Clipd Beaks are working on their first ever LP, "Hoarse Lords".

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