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  • Avatar for lalalaundbababa
    This is so beautiful music. There is happening so much, when I listen to this song. So beautiful... Thank you so much for this, Clint...
  • Avatar for FoolmeThrice
  • Avatar for suninmouth
  • Avatar for karana23
    heartwrenchingly mellow
  • Avatar for blueskyfrank
  • Avatar for EriF_JR
    one of the gratest song I ever heard [2]
  • Avatar for artmistress
    an emotional music
  • Avatar for Shimabd
    i ganna die with this
  • Avatar for rascula
  • Avatar for YoFaaaWay
    is that a keyboard line at the end? I REALLY FUCKING LIKE IT
  • Avatar for davidbowiegirl
    Good one
  • Avatar for artmistress
    "..There is no other evil that we fear so much as we do death - and there is nothing more clear than that God intended that we should have a dread of dying.."
  • Avatar for artmistress
    this piece is amazing
  • Avatar for EdgeLike
    I'm going to Xibalba when I die. And this is the song I'll be listening to.
  • Avatar for jezbez
    Saddest song ever written.
  • Avatar for pterosauros
    Oh my...
  • Avatar for harijano
    it turns my dun dun on
  • Avatar for CHORUS_
  • Avatar for -ZaeL-
    The movie is nothing without this soundtrack!
  • Avatar for mastroiani
    beautiful. reminds me of Peer Raben.
  • Avatar for Philiam
    ::shakes head:: mm-mm.
  • Avatar for perfectionS
    play it at my funeral.
  • Avatar for zidulminunilor
    the movie is completed by this perfect soundtrack...
  • Avatar for dragonstarl
    bravo,Mr Mansell
  • Avatar for dragonstarl
    one of the gratest song I ever heard
  • Avatar for jamaloo
    i cant figure out anything to say because it is so perfect.
  • Avatar for Apatura
    Beautiful music
  • Avatar for OceanSoul25
    so deep and calm. btw, the ost is a truly masterpiece
  • Avatar for special_user
    a masterpiece. "I'm putting this track in my will to be played at my funeral" <<< ME 2!
  • Avatar for nibblepunk
    So sad and beautiful. This is probably what the most beautiful dreams sound like.
  • Avatar for timish
  • Avatar for null7elf
    the fountain is such a great movie !
  • Avatar for trolllover
  • Avatar for spLiFF22 wonderful thing
  • Avatar for dollywall
  • Avatar for timish
    that's one hell of an OST
  • Avatar for yosoypatrick
    This piece is so good, if it was in Citizen Kane you'd still say that the soundtrack was better than the film...
  • Avatar for mamcie
  • Avatar for wika_14
    I love Clint Mansell..... He is amazing...
  • Avatar for nDroae
    Not sure I'd want to be at a funeral and have the end of Road to Awe suddenly come blasting out of the speakers. I might drop a Xibalba on my foot or something.
  • Avatar for bibliophilesv
    Have to say the soundtrack for The Fountain is A LOT more impressive than the film. Must be the union of such talent, like that of Mansell and Mogwai
  • Avatar for jojonana
  • Avatar for victorecho
    bioneuro> hmm... wouldn't Death is the Road to Awe be more appropriate?
  • Avatar for martinw93
    Oh man I love this :)
  • Avatar for persisofmem
    This film is darn good.
  • Avatar for bioneuro
    I'm putting this track in my will to be played at my funeral

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