• Sticky Remixes by Clint Crisher

    12 May 2011, 11:56 by CrisherEnt

    Sticky was written and recorded by Clint Crisher Sticky Remixes and the original radio edit was produced by Jeremy Howard aka Dj MyT. This project includes 12 Remixes in a variety of styles. Fun lyrics and sure to be a club favorite. Remixes by

    Sticky Remixes by @ClintCrisher OUT NOW iTunes http://bit.ly/ylssis
    Record Label: Crisher Entertainment

    1. Sticky
    2. Sticky (Dj MyT Remix)
    3. Sticky (JJ Royal Radio Edit)
    4. Sticky (Parajack & Parajoe vs. Jeremy Howard ElectroFuzz)
    5. Sticky (Peter Tanico Radio Edit)
    6. Sticky (Vendetta Remix by Allone)
    7. Sticky (Willie Ray Lewis Remix)
    8. Sticky (Wrapped Wipped Mix)
    9. Sticky (Chris Galmon vs. Dj MyT Electro Ball & Chain)
    10. Sticky (JJ Royal Extended Remix)
    11. Sticky (Flies on Shit Hit)
    12. Sticky (Peter Tanico Extended Mix)

    Remixes by Willie Ray Lewis, Joan Pla, Chris Galmon, Peter Tanico, JJ Royal, Parajack & Parajoe, Joan Pla and Dj MyT. …
  • The Hot Boys World Volume 4

    8 Aug 2010, 06:39 by CrisherEnt

    Clint Crisher returns to The Hot Boys World Volume 4 with some hot remixes from Dj Peter Tanico and reunites with Hot2Go from The Hot Boys World Volume 2. Hot2Go is Lee Lee Ingram one of the hottest current Australian tickets out there, and for good reason. Hot2Go had two tracks on The Hot Boys World Volume 2 CD released on Crisher Entertainment last year called Australian Kiss (Extended Version) and Backseat (Dirty Beats Mix) Like Kiss these new three tracks on volume 4 includes prime bump’n'grind mix, great slide blues loop, and terminally oversexed lyrics. With its breathy falsetto/orgasmic tenor vocals. “Great Songs About/For Fucking.” He likes to make sweet sweet music, but LOVES making filthy dirty beats!!
    The third and final artist on volume 4 is Darrell Russ who is a passionate, soulful male singer and songwriter based in the Baltimore-Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area. Versatile in styles ranging from Disco and Soul to Country and R&B, Darrell captivates audiences with his high-energy stage performance and deep…
  • Clint Crisher with Crisher Entertainment (CE) writes charity single for Orange…

    13 Jul 2010, 21:30 by CrisherEnt

    Clint Crisher writes anthem, Busting Through (The Orange Curtain) to promote and raise funding for Orange County Pride 2010. All sales will be donated to help fund OC Pride 2010 and raise awareness, education and equality for all of Orange County.

    Jul 09, 2010 – Twenty-five years ago, the iconic recording, "We Are the World" generated millions of dollars to help ease suffering in Africa. With a contemporary parallel being released today to support OC Pride 2010, Crisher Entertainment will be doing its part to show their pride and share the gift of song in hopes to help a more local and important cause.

    "When asked to write a theme song for Orange County Pride, Clint felt honored and blessed to deliver a message of equality and history. Clint Crisher’s Busting Through (The Orange Curtain) has already touched many with lyrics like "proud to be me" and "were making history" . With letters and calls from the community; Crisher Entertainment knew the…