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This is a electro-pop-punk project of young Polish artist kr-lik.

kr-lik - vocals, synths, concept, realisation, ideas, lyrics, mistakes, fuckups, hiccups, total chaos, live vocals, live synths, live concept, live realisation, live ideas, live lyrics, live mistakes, live fuckups, live hiccups, live total chaos, live live vocals……

tomtylor - live keys, ideas for live keys, sounds for live keys, technology for live keys, live atmosphere, live smile, live presence, live support, live bounce, live!

Łukasz Klaus - live drums, live big drums, live hard drums, live acoustic drums, live electronic drums, live dynamics, live chaos, live drinking, live partying!

VJ Nverse - live visuals, visuals, live video, live video-lights, live atmosphere, live dynamics, live view!

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