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    Same Mistake!!!11onoene
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    Satan said dance is my favourite
  • Avatar for listentoSCQ
    Hysterical is top form CYHSY. Album review here, for those interested:
  • Avatar for Pdrpdr
    @mark90210, hysterical is the album of the year or 2nd to Valhalla Dancehall (British sea power)... at least for me.
  • Avatar for Criznittle
    Clap Your Hands Say Yeah "Statues" is featured on Indie/Rock Playlist: November (2011) download here: theindierockplaylistdotcom
  • Avatar for mark90210
    FTR Some Loud Thunder is almost as good as their debut album. But I am too afraid to listen to the new one [2] finally getting round to listening to it now, sounds pretty good. not as good as the other two, but nowhere near as bad as people are making it out to be
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    New album is awesome! I've like em ever since I saw them on Conan way back in like 2005
  • Avatar for beaugoss123
    Good song : Same Mistake
  • Avatar for tgelman
    SO excited to see these guys during cmj.and also so excited that i finally figured out what time they play haha
  • Avatar for meredith999
    It was quite stupid of me to stick to their debut, regarding the fact how good the two other albums sound :)
  • Avatar for Ampuhedron
    FTR Some Loud Thunder is almost as good as their debut album. But I am too afraid to listen to the new one
  • Avatar for ritakowski
    since their self tiled album i love their music. since i've seen them live i know alec is a really cool person
  • Avatar for groupiee
    hysterical is good, but that's what i want to hear from the killers, not CYHSY [2]
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  • Avatar for ZwolleRailway
    i wonder what you would all say if pitchfork had bnm'd this.
  • Avatar for There_We_Were
    Last album is so bad they will soon play in Czech republic [2] new album is mad boring. even some loud thunder was more intersting
  • Avatar for Skythompson
    Album review:
  • Avatar for Honzeecheck
    Last album is so bad they will soon play in Czech republic
  • Avatar for raceofdoom
    yesterday, never is so fucking good
  • Avatar for raceofdoom
    it's growin on me
  • Avatar for AJulian
    I really dig Hysterical, which is why I bought it legit.
  • Avatar for etiopczyk
    sorry but "Hysterical" is really medicore album, in few moments even weak. And it's really pitty because i lov them for a debut :(
  • Avatar for trashcity_
    what 'indie rock' means to somebody in 2011: indifferent balding white dudes who still can't play their guitars
  • Avatar for trashcity_
    i love how they're getting shot down by the same exact tastemakers who over-hyped them in the first place. What goes around comes around
  • Avatar for OurStage_fm
    OurStage Q&A with CYHSY about Hysterical:
  • Avatar for space_boy
    I just love how people think they've been getting worse with each release.
  • Avatar for the_endcomplete
    hysterical is good, but that's what i want to hear from the killers, not CYHSY
  • Avatar for xJake_Guitarx
    I'm liking the new album very much! it's way different sound, more Up beat and that's a good thing to me! plus I also think that Alec sings WAY better on the new album than on their previous albums, but that's just me and of course nothing can beat their Self Titled album nothing! but yeah Anyways, the new album is great! it gets better and better every time I listen to it.
  • Avatar for aaronleclair
    Hysterical seems more straightforward than their other stuff, and feels a bit less original and a bit more generic than the other two records: definitely more of a late '80s college rock sound. On a song-by-song level, these are great songs, though; it's definitely much better than what the reviews are saying!
  • Avatar for canthearmyeyes
    Pretty rough review from pitchfork for "Hysterical". The music is definitely solid and the mixing and production sound absolutely fantastic. The hooks aren't as immediate but the music is more intricate, and Alec isn't relying on the warbly croon he used in the first two albums, which I always thought was kind of a gimmick for this band. The self titled, nonetheless, is better but not much.
  • Avatar for AsthrayHeart
    the new album... more upbeat? yes? no?!?!? makes me super sad :(
  • Avatar for Carca
    Hysterical is actually quite good :)
  • Avatar for dfurtado
    Hysterical is great, but nothing more than that.
  • Avatar for EdgeLike
    Hysterical is fantastic, hey hey hey. Yeah it doesn't have the same feel of their debut. And that's not what I wanted anyway. It's a hell of a good album. Really like the sound they went with.
  • Avatar for to_matt
    Hysterical is such a gorgeous album, quite lovely
  • Avatar for pphresh
    Maniac's up there with their best songs. Overall infinitely better than Some Loud Thunder but not quite as good as the debut.
  • Avatar for christophlieber
    awesome, just awesome!
  • Avatar for MarioPrime
    Just finished my first listen of Hysterical, and I actually quite dig it. Tighter than s/t, more cohesive than Some Loud Thunder. They've got a great sound here. Feels a little more serious for them, but it sounds great. And Ounsworth's voice has developed really nicely since their first album. Really solid record.
  • Avatar for vusikomalo
    I've been yearning for a new album! At last...
  • Avatar for kirotawa
    \o\ finally a new album ...and all folks dance...
  • Avatar for RodrigoYIYo
    Same Mistake <3
  • Avatar for 690min
    I was expecting a disaster, but Hysterical is pretty good. Not better than their debut, but still enjoyable.
  • Avatar for addhaze
    new album is okkk. has nothing on their previous work. nonetheless adam's plane is a cool jam
  • Avatar for Indexcard
    new album doesnt really stand out but misspent youth strikes chords with me just because of what its about...sadly relatable
  • Avatar for 5ya
    Hysterical is great, love it!!
  • Avatar for VentcoreFrog
    I don't know if it'll be a favorite, but I do like it a lot.
  • Avatar for winterset
    Very very good. Who'd have thought it?
  • Avatar for kosherstyle
    holy shit


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