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Theme From Harry's Game (2:28)


  • just love the sounds great ????????
  • Great song, love it!
  • This was the perfect track for Tom Clancey's movie. Mr Ashdown: Your Dad's name wasn't Basil by any chance? There's a strong facial resemblence. Similar choices in clothing and pipes as well!
  • you'v got 2 love this music
  • I love this since....!
  • WOW! O_o, this music gives me goose-bumps its so good!
  • This was my Dad's favourite song. Easy to see why. Lovely stuff.
  • Wonderful theme to a superb series
  • Moya Brennan is the sister of Enya and has a beautiful voice and looks a lot like her sister.
  • i love that voice and band, i prefer old albums
  • How can people say that a producer just resampling this wonderful music has "taken it further". I heard similar comments about the wonderful "Hide and Seek" by Imogen heap, just resampled in a horrid hop-hop track. People nowadays won't appreciate anything that doesn't have a beat in 4/4 underneath and overproduced delays and vocal effects. disappointing really. Clannad are a legend and Chicane (who will probably be gone in 3-4 years) can lick their feet.
  • don't you feel triumphant? that quiet breeze whispering in your ear, while standing mountaintop the field of the valley of a nation... nothing like taking in the serenity of a newly conquered land.
  • saltwater MAGIC.. :* :D
  • celtic music. best listened to around an open fire, with wine in hand. A good dry red.
  • celic class
  • einfach wunderschön. Chicane nahm teile davon für den wunderschönen Titel "Saltwater" anhören. Clannad ist einfach fantastic!!!!
  • my taste of music is just fantastic
  • ღ ♫ღ
  • sehr romantisch, celtic und sehr soft.
  • ... takes me back!
  • Powerful song!
  • Gaelic magic and the enchanting voice of Moya and her sisters.
  • Magic.
  • beautiful !
  • U2 opens and closes their movie/video of the Live at Red Rocks performance, which became the album "Under a Blood Red Sky" with this haunting theme. I also got chills when I first heard it about 20 years ago, but never knew until tonight where it came from. I discovered this when I was researching Enya's history, who was with Clannad in their early times. Not surprising.
  • Muito bom o estilo como a musica começa, além da diferença de tom...
  • Hmm, interesting.. I first heard this vocal via Chicane's "Saltwater" (which I absolutely love), and therefore I'm quite surprised (and I emphasise that this is just my own opinion), that the original source actually does virtually nothing for me in comparison. Yes, the vocals are still lovely, but this track as a whole "just doesn't really go anywhere" for me. It makes it all the more impressive that Chicane could recognise the potential and take it further. Nevertheless, I feel I should check out Clannad further, and I think I will find something I like..
  • wunderschöner song, ღ ♫ღ
  • smoooooooooothe...
  • ohh jeah ;-)
  • Beautiful voice.
  • ღ ♫ღ
  • Harry's Game ended in death, for some including Harry. Only a story, of course, but it illustrated the lunacy of bigots, and highlighted again that religion kills. C'est la vie, some would say.
  • Harrys Game was a great TV series, this music just made it special.
  • nice....
  • Reminds me of my uncle, God rest his soul :(
  • me too, ad infinitum, goosebumps that is
  • truly goosebumps
  • It's like gentle raindrops bathing the soul...!
  • I must say that this is jolly good.
  • go maith an amhran seo
  • FRICKING AMAAAAAAAAAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! o_O hauntingly beautiful...
  • The goosebumps that form on my skin when I listen to this feel like they want to fall off me like tears.
  • greetins from red rock...
  • Great Song!
  • lindo demaaaaaaaaaaais
  • You have to see >>Harrys Game<< to realy understand this song
  • One of the best tracks ever
  • i say, pretty damn good
  • Just wonderful, simple wonderful.


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