• A new #1 in chartworld...

    28 Aug 2006, 13:36 by RosaQ

    Hello there...

    I hope that all the last.fm users and readers are doing well... :)

    (You know, I have been wondering this... Who are the people in the polaroid style pictures on the last.fm page? You see them before signing in... I'm thinking that some of them look a little familiar, as in 'celebrities'... :) But I imagine I am mistaken. Hmmm... Again, it's probably one of those things that I don't know, and everyone yes EVERYONE knows apart from me... ;) )

    Well, I had a look at my charts today and what do I see... I only have a new yes NEW #1!! In my overall top artists!! Depeche Mode have been #1 for like forever (well, since February, since I joined? ;) I'll have a look... ) and they have been knocked down to second position by Wolfsheim! Wow.

    (I know that I have been listening to lots of Wolfsheim recently - I have been playing their fantastic Dreaming Apes quite a lot, and their other magnificent songs too... But I have been playing lots of DM as well!! Especially…
  • Some Random Survey or How I Learned To Make Work Tolerable

    21 Aug 2006, 17:06 by KingLeerUK

    Name your top 10 most played bands on Last.fm:

    1 The Durutti Column
    2 Cosmicity
    3 Gonzales
    4 Queen
    5 DJ Shadow
    6 Clan of Xymox
    7 Rialto
    6 Scissor Sisters
    9 Gotan Project
    10 Erasure

    Now answer the questions according to the numbers:

    -- what was the first song you ever heard by 6?
    Probably Stranger or No Words. In any case, something off of the self-titled Clan of Xymox album. Ahh.. the high school years.

    -- what is your favourite album of 2?
    Isabella. A great set of songs covering all the facets of love and loss (and mistrust). Cosmicity is/was awesome and its a shame that Marks' new stuff isn't nearly as good as his Cosmicity work. I suppose that is his perogative.

    -- how many times have you seen 4 live?

    -- what is your favourite song by 7?
    Girl on a Train most definitely. The EP is very difficult to get here in the US (at least, it was) and I had to order it through UK friends. Great transition album between Rialto and Night on Earth.

  • M'Era Luna Festival 2006 Flashback

    18 Aug 2006, 21:29 by Interneci

    Ok, a few days have already passed since the M'Era Luna Festival 2006 (Mera Luna Festival), but I still try to give a short summary for all who wanted to be there but couldn't for various reasons and to organize my memory a bit... ;) Everything I wrote is just my personal views and impressions and I don't pretend to be particularily good at reviewing festivals, but I think this journal entry has at least a higher quality than the thousandst uncommented A-Z-list... ;)

    The Mera Luna Festival, one of Germanys largest "schwarze Szene" festivals, took place last weekend at the small Hildesheim Airport, near Hannover. The lineup consisted of 40 acts which where sheduled to play on Saturday and Sunday. The years before, the festival was visited by well over 20,000 guests.

    A friend of me and I planned to do camping at the airport and we started from Aachen (near the border to the Netherlands and Belgium) by car on Friday afternoon. …
  • Summer Darkness

    13 Aug 2006, 15:45 by vahaiya

    I went to Summer Darkness, an 'Underground Lifestyle Event' in Utrecht on Friday. The main theme of the festival was cybergoth with a hunch of rock, metal, folk and medieval music. My best friend and me chose to go on Friday because it had the most interesting choice of bands, but it went on for the rest of the weekend as well.

    We first sat through the openingact by Ataraxia and Gor, who were both moderately amusing but not exactly our style. Talking about style - we had the time of our life just looking at the way some people were dressed. Some of it was downright horrid, but there were some amazingly beautiful people as well. As long as its done right, I really quite like the cybergoth style. I felt such an outcast, having no dreadlocks :p

    We also saw The Birthday Massacre, who were performing at last year's edition as well and they were pretty great. Trying to get my hands on some of their music. After that we stayed to listen to a bit of Clan of Xymox and I'm quite impressed. …
  • BSL [BestSongList ] v0.1a

    10 Aug 2006, 10:03 by intct

    Im sitting here at work, bored to death. So, why not share my musical treasures. Noone gives a shit; but meh, it kills time. Genres go from around Synth- to Futurepop, via Darkwave to Industrial and back.
    Below, an alphabetical list will come along, informing you about the worlds bestest songs!

    This is the shit. The real deal. The créme de la créme. No bullshit. Of course those bands have many other good and great songs, but those are the ones that PUMP - You - UP!

    I might even be arsed to update it from time to time.



    OMG Here it comes!

    Haaaa! ...not yet.

    Aaah, here it is!


    Absurd Minds - Herzlos (Remixed by Unheilig)
    And One - Krieger
    And One - Virgin Superstar
    Ashbury Heights - Cry Havoc
    Ayria - Post apocalyptic Girl

    Basshunter - Boten Anna (lol)
    Beseech - Bitch
    Beseech - Velvet Erotica
    Blutengel - The Oxidising Angel

    Cancer Barrack - Beischlaf mit 60KG Hackfleisch
    Clan of Xymox - Whats going on
  • PrzedCastlowo ;)

    26 Jul 2006, 18:54 by Klingonka

    Jako, że lada dzień wyjazd na Castle Party, to słucham sobie kapel, które mają tam zagrać. Przede wszystkim Deathcamp Project - jeden z zespołów na których obejrzeniu naprawde mi zależy (kolejny raz oczywiście), The Birthday Massacre - też chętnie zobaczę i Leaves' Eyes - miłe metalowo-nordyckie dźwięki. A na dokładkę trochę Clan of Xymox - kolejny raz, ale może być, Riverside i Mano Juodoji Sesuo, które coraz bardziej mi się podoba. :) Próbowałam też zmęczyć jakieś płyty Funker Vogt ale to jednak nie jest moja muzyka, za dużo grania w stylu umpa-umpa-uc-uc-uc... Zresztą podobnie mam z VNV Nation i De/Vision. Ja po prostu nie przepadam za elektroniką i jakoś nie mogę się do niej przekonać. I kropka. :P

    A w ramach odtrutki słucham sobie pięknego country-gothabilly w wykonaniu The Coffinshakers - i to jest muzyka, której mi na CP brakuje.
  • My concerts log

    25 Jul 2006, 02:31 by Morgus

    List of shows i've been to:

    August 2, 2006 Gary Numan, Cleveland OH
    June 30, 2006 Nine Inch Nails, New Orleans LA, Pittsburgh PA
    November 15, 2006 Front 242, Baton Rouge LA, Cleveland OH
    VNV Nation, Baton Rouge LA, New Orleans LA
    Ministry, New Orleans LA
    Skinny Puppy, New Orleans LA
    KMFDM, New Orleans LA
    My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult, New Orleans LA
    Bella Morte, Baton Rouge LA, New Orleans LA
    Ohgr, Houston TX, Austin TX
    cut.rate.box, New Orleans LA, Baton Rouge LA, Houston TX, Dallas TX, San Antonio TX
    Icon of Coil, New Orleans LA
    Clan of Xymox, New Orleans LA
    Covenant, Baton Rouge LA
    Front Line Assembly, Baton Rouge LA
    Christian Death, Baton Rouge LA
    Assemblage 23, New Orleans LA
    Lords of Acid, New Orleans LA
    Praga Khan, New Orleans LA
    Claire Voyant, New Orleans LA
  • How mainstream am I?

    16 Jul 2006, 11:24 by Keznor

    You might guess I'm bored at the moment, cause I write that much into my blog.
    And maybe I am.
    However... ;)

    Go through your top 10 artists and add up the total number of listeners. Divide the average by the number of Radiohead fans (Radiohead ist the artists with the most listeners). That is your "mainstream percentage".

    Front Line Assembly 17,840 listeners
    Derriere Le Miroir 55 listeners (owned :P)
    Katatonia 30,013 listeners
    Depeche Mode 178,991 listeners
    Samael 16,120 listeners
    Dismantled 1,352 listeners
    Absurd Minds 5,869 listeners
    Clan of Xymox 5,164 listeners
    Theatre of Tragedy 25,142 listeners
    Assemblage 23 16,642 listeners

    Average: 29 718.8
    Radiohead listeners: 323 179

    My mainstream score: 9,196%
  • Some Life Changing Albums

    11 Jul 2006, 07:38 by Cylob

    In order of impact....

    The The - Soul Mining (1983)
    There's something about this album that lives up to its title. Every track is an assault on your way of life, by the time it ends, you're questioning your very existence. The music is exsquiste, including a piano solo that seems to last for hours.

    For me, this album sparkles in the pile of post-punk like a fist-size diamond.

    Curve - Frozen EP (1991)
    If "Soul Mining" kicked its way in, then "Frozen" used a drill. When I bought this record I had no idea what it would sound like, it's just as well. It opened with a plan flute (most strange) followed by an ethereal voice riding on the most ferocious noise I'd ever heard. I had to sit down. It was that profound, I didn't get up to answer the door or telephone.

    It was reported that Curve were 5 years ahead of their time. The truth is, it was only 4.

    Stereolab - Transient Random-Noise Bursts With Announcements (1993)
  • Recommendation: Clan of Xymox

    8 Jul 2006, 23:00 by chrisamaphone

    This will be a short review, since I'm getting bored listening to these tracks and want to listen to something else.

    The instrumentation is original and interesting, if somewhat slow. The vocals are annoying/boring. They remind me a little bit of The Cure (mostly the guitar and basslines). There are occasional string parts, but they're nothing remarkable.

    Tracks listened to: Jasmine and Rose, Crucified, Taste of Medicine, Undermined, Consolation