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  • Jesus, this is awesome!
  • Люблю !!
  • "Clair de Lune are fucking dead!" .....Sometime around 2008.
  • The words "most underrated band in the world" are often overused and rarely as relevent as they are to this band.
  • The Things They Carried is great
  • these guys are fricken good
  • This band made really great music.
  • "I love the piano in their music." thats what i wanted to shout!
  • you all need to lurk moar and listen to trans am
  • Way underrated. I love the way they incorporate piano into this style of music. It almost reminds me of the way Bear vs. Shark do it, but it's a lot more prominent in Claire De Lune. I don't know why more bands that play this type of music don't do it. And I agree with a lot of posters below that Marionettes is a lot better than Assisted Living, but both albums are really good. Sometimes I'm just in the mood to listen to Assisted Living instead.
  • another peachy band from deep elm
  • The Things They Carried. <3 I love the piano in their music.
  • assisted living i thought was a really good song, but i agree the attitude is missing
  • I'd agree it's not as good as the first, but it's still a good album. I listen to it a lot but it hasn't become the soundtrack of my dreams. You know it's good when you wake up with it playing in your head.
  • eh, i love both albums hahaha. even though i spent 17 bucks buying the first one off smartpunk lolololol.
  • the first album was definitely better. a lot better. some songs on assisted living are alright. but they're not incredible, like 'things' or 'machinegun' or 'ribbon'...
  • I did not hear their first album. I think Assisted Living is a pretty good album. Some weaker songs but overall I really like it. Killjoy and Airplanes are indeed the best songs. I also like the instrumental one and Shadow Companion.
  • I don't know about everyone else, but I'm really disappointed with what I've heard from Assisted Living. With the exception of Killjoy and Airplanes. The mood is missing, and that's what made the first album so cool to me.

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