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City of the Asleep is the project of Igliashon Jones. The music has a wide stylistic range, typically requiring the use of many hyphenated words to describe (i.e. "from glitchy odd-time electronica to lo-fi post-punk, from apocalyptic techno-folk to intricate prog-metal"). Themes of absurdity, technophobia, and confusion dominate the music, but pinpoints of lucidity and transcendence occasionally shine through. The music frequently delves into experimentation, including forays into microtonal xenharmonic scales, complex polyrhythmic structures, or fully abstract noise. Most albums are presented as "concept albums", wherein the tracks are arranged to have a specific linear flow in order to tell a story, illustrate an idea, or develop an emotional landscape.

Albums can be downloaded for free, complete with artwork, from the official City of the Asleep website at http://www.cityoftheasleep.com.

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