• Survey and excuse to type 'bobbins'

    22 Mar 2008, 12:48 by karlosmorale

    1. What are you listening to right now?
    In The Water I Am Beautiful

    2. Your favorite band/artist of all time?
    The Wildhearts because no music has ever made me feel so ridiculously happy

    3. The band or artist you hate the most?
    I don't really hate any band as such. Oh wait - Coldplay.

    4. Your last musical discovery?
    That would be City and Colour, but the last big one was The Raveonettes

    5. Best feminine voice?
    Oh, erm... Tanya Donelly from Belly? I loved that band.

    6. Best masculine voice?
    Technically it would be Mike Patten I suppose but being a generation X-er I might have to give it to Kurt...

    7. What is the musical genre you listen to the most?
    *looks at list thingy
    Rock, Indie, Alternative apparently

    8. Last concert/festival you went to?
    D'oh. I don't really go to concerts any more. :(
    Probably The Wildhearts.

    9. The last VERY famous band or artist seen live?
    VERY famous? Blur?

    10. The band or artist you listen to the most?