• Sound of Autumn

    12 Oct 2006, 10:06 by bladeney

    I decided to make a list of songs about autumn. It's a counter-reaction to this disgusting primitive song "When September Ends" from Green Day. Gosh, I hate this song.
    I really prefer autumn to summer and think autumn is a great season. It's just the perfect time to dream. I love that smell of rotting leaves and that silvery sky, that hot cup of tea that keeps your fingers warm... And after all September is my month of birth so I'll just pray that radio stations won't rotate that damn and old-fashioned "September Ends"-song as if there was no other song available.

    Well, after this little digressions, here's my list of *good* songs that remind me of autumn, I don't always know why:

    Rather techno:
    X-Perience - A Neverending Dream (I think it was autumn in that video clip)
    Dune - Million Miles from Home (perfect song for dreaming)
    Magic Affair - Omen III
    Music Instructor - Hymn
    Groove Coverage - God is a girl
    Terranova - The real thing

    Rather pop: