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As of June 12, 2012, I am currently writing new music.


Circle of Sharks is a solo project that began in Orange County, California (2009). My music has been considered post-rock, experimental, shoegaze, ambient, electro, dreampop, and more. While I am a fan of all genres mentioned, I don't think my music can be limited to any single genre.

When making music I follow no method or recipe; songs are typically born while I am feeding audio into a Mac, and more often than not, when I begin I am working with a blank slate. While I may be inspired by people I never seek to emulate other work which I am, or have been, a fan of. It is for all of these reasons that my material varies more often than others, something I hope you might appreciate.

I have no delusions of fame; people in countries I will likely never be able to visit, such as India and Russia, have enjoyed my music… and that is rewarding enough and something I never fathomed. I make music because I have to. People have all sorts of outlets; some eat, some work out, others play video games - making music is my outlet, without it I feel as if my soul is suffocating.

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