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  • Avatar for zakuuhxc
    holy fuck! i'm only two minutes into "Who We Were" and already loving his music.
  • Avatar for ExSkip
    The best music I've ever heard... Great thanks...
  • Avatar for Djita
    The Days of Snow крутатошка
  • Avatar for Demony
    Очень приятно! Когда за окном дождь и все уныло - самое то, чтобы излечиться от хандры.
  • Avatar for SashaPrestig
  • Avatar for chappiz
  • Avatar for BrockAtkinson
    Wow... just wow. If this doesn't make it into my top albums of 2011 list, then my memory has gone horribly, horribly wrong. This album is incredible.
  • Avatar for kari_ann
    I am in love with you.
  • Avatar for FinalWinter1976
    thumbs up. :)
  • Avatar for kennykries
  • Avatar for DanSturniolo
    Sooooooo good.
  • Avatar for Nikhil_07n
    Monday! YAY!
  • Avatar for pondrafi
    can't wait for the new album
  • Avatar for pondrafi
    Finding Silence is EPIC.. it sounds great!
  • Avatar for pondrafi
    this music is so soothing.. great piece of art
  • Avatar for HaruYume
    Your music is so beautiful and inspiring :) thank you a lot.
  • Avatar for discipleofranok
    I really like this, keep up the good work Brian!
  • Avatar for B-Ram
    Great! It would not surprise me if he was deeply inspired by our Icelandic friend Ólafur Arnalds.
  • Avatar for reyhansp
    nice music, come to indonesia if you have a time
  • Avatar for llittlemiss
    adorable ♥
  • Avatar for Skinny_Dead
    очень здорово
  • Avatar for Eschaton88
  • Avatar for RusDunkelheit
    not bad
  • Avatar for henhenversion
    wow,i am glad i found this <3
  • Avatar for AlexLJ
    this is really beautiful
  • Avatar for aka_buriedalive
    Amazing! [2]
  • Avatar for Mitchk18
  • Avatar for BrockAtkinson
    Thank you for releasing your music for free. I will recommend to my friends.
  • Avatar for BGC88
    Hello everyone! I've just released a new track entitled "Finding Silence" This song is my first attempt at writing a film score-like piece, so it's a little different than my other music. You can read up about it and download it for free or donation here : [url][/url] Thanks for listening!
  • Avatar for deica_
    I don't remember when was the last time I was so thrilled about some music. This is out of this world, so beautiful <3
  • Avatar for masaki871012
  • Avatar for Messaline_S
    отлично отлично!
  • Avatar for AlexScreamer
    обожаю!!!!!!! Circadian Eyes - это лучший Post-Rock!!!!
  • Avatar for RainSkyLeTTo
    я слушаю слушаю, а тут не прибыват
  • Avatar for RoxasTwilight
    You music is awesome, both the (Untitled) and Rain EP are really good!
  • Avatar for BGC88
    Hey guys, thanks a lot for the kind words! I'm glad you're enjoying my latest release and supporting my music! It really means a lot to me! I just wanted to let you know that I've created a Facebook page for Circadian Eyes and it would be awesome if you checked it out and 'liked' it! [url=]Circadian Eyes Facebook[/url]
  • Avatar for McNutsack
    Great stuff. I think I discovered him through TheSirensSound.
  • Avatar for t3hpez
    beautiful music!
  • Avatar for Nick_Sanchez
  • Avatar for Ephedr1num
    I was truly moved by his music...
  • Avatar for InZa
  • Avatar for unas11
    thanks for the link, will check it out.
  • Avatar for inter1oper
  • Avatar for 16N0R4N7
    Rain = Calm
  • Avatar for Carrieriii
    where the stars are full of rain, there is this kind of music. Dolce.
  • Avatar for lostmew
    oh god, man, i really love your music!!!!
  • Avatar for cherry_cookie
    Hm, I have to say that you make really good music. You have a real talent in writing it. There is one reason why you're not famous by now - you should replace the electronic effects with real instruments - what's the most important, REAL piano! But also violin, drums, maybe djembe in some parts and acoustic guitar, of course. I tell you now that if I hear your music with real violin, I'm gonna cry with joy, then buy your EPs despite I have no money and walk through the world announcing about your music to people! ;D
  • Avatar for Pernero
    Very VERY nice music!
  • Avatar for Potaterchips
    This is amazing.
  • Avatar for BreatheYourLast
    I think I will classify this as Ambient Post-Instrumental, or just Beautiful. Keep up the amazing work :)


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