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Cinq G

Genre: P-Funk + Dancehall + Reggae = P-Ragga!
Members: Duze Pe (MC); Mista Pita (kbds, vox, MC); Radikal Irie (git, ideas)

+ Live Rhythm Section: Erudeigrek (bas), Hub-X (drms)


Cinq G (formerly known as Piec Gie or 5G) is an "imageous" Polish band, which sees itself as a "Panamian Boysband" playing "The Worst Ragga in the City". It's the first Polish dancehall group ever that released an album and…

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  • @TaranisAlcarin: Yup, pronunciation was the main reason they changed name from 'Cinq G' to 'Senk Że'. Now it's easier for polish people to say their name :D (Cinq G is french phrase, and, for polish people, who wasn't their fans, it was making a lot of problems to say or write it correctly). Check out also YouTube, you'll find there a lot of their tunes uploaded by fans :) Today was rather cloudy and colder than in the past few days in Poland. Last week was really sunny and warm, and all snow melted. But seems like it will start to snowing and freezing again soon :) I'm glad I could help. If you'll want to know anything else, just ask :)
  • @AdiBwoy: Oh god I can´t pronounce the original name... ;) I´ll check their myspace, Thanks for the info!! :D. How is Poland today? My friends was freezing in their houses because of the cold. Here we don´t have snow XD. BTW Thank you for your attention :D
  • @TaranisAlcarin: I guess you mean the album about the Warsaw Uprising? There's only one Cinq G's song on that CD (also last song from this album is singing by two members of Cinq G), and I don't think this will be enough ;) (both are covers of old songs from times of Uprising). You can check out two songs from their latest album on MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/senk_ze (btw, their name is [url=http://www.lastfm.pl/music/Senk+%C5%BBe/]Senk Że[/url] now. It's a polish phonetic version of words 'Cinq G'). And, well, it's not exactly hip-hop ;) It's a mix of raggamufin, dancehall, reggae, and p-funk. Other different styles included. All mixed into one unique style - p-ragga :)
  • @AdiBwoy: Thank you!! Actually here exists just 10 copies of the album. I hope is enough to show this kind of music in my country XD I´m not a fan of hip-hop but I think is really great, to discover new music styles from all the world. :D
  • @TaranisAlcarin: Wow, so they're going to be famous in Mexico now? That's an awsome news! :D Unfortunately all their songs are in polish, but that gives them a lot of oportiunities to play with words and lyrics, which is part of their crazy style ;) If you want to know anything about them, just send me a private message, I'll be happy to help you :)
  • Can someone tell me about this group?? I got their song about the Warsaw Uprising from a CD, but all is in polish... :( . I´m from Mexico, I´ve been in Poland two years ago, and I really loved!! :D
  • "ragga to muzyka kołodzieja piasta" ;D BLESS
  • Nowy album proponuję tagować już jako [url=http://www.lastfm.pl/music/Senk+%C5%BBe/]Senk Że[/url]. To jest teraz ich oficjalna nazwa ;)
  • A jak to tagować? Senk Że? Cinq G?
  • W Empikach ponoć już można znaleźć. Sklepy trochę dały dupy, i przez kilka dni od premiery nie można było nigdzie dostać albumu. Płytę można też zamówić na stronie zespołu, albo wygrać w Czwórce.

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