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  • Avatar for SayJustDie
    Мелодик хардкор? што?
  • Avatar for AhoyItsJamzy
  • Avatar for AdamGontier-TDG
    The Other Line <3
  • Avatar for Yomikun
    their newest record is by far the best [2]
  • Avatar for Medved_Sgorel
    Какой pop-punk??? Под такое только срать хорошо
  • Avatar for kolbepbp
    They really need more screams .....but I love it !! :-D
  • Avatar for FiftySven
    ee duz r ye redi 2??
  • Avatar for Givesmechills
    Most easy band ever
  • Avatar for oliolioxinfree
    hey d00dz r u ready 2
  • Avatar for DesunotoK
    their newest record is by far the best
  • Avatar for Life_Rocks
    most ridiculous band ever
  • Avatar for BoneGnawer
    I liked "Pardon my french" way more. [2]
  • Avatar for glazirovanysir
    скоро гиг 😍😍😍😍 увидимся в Питере!
  • Avatar for ser47go
    WOW AOE :)
  • Avatar for v0xtheriot
    needs more screaming
  • Avatar for heyicandobetter
    New album is awesome <3 [5]
  • Avatar for ecnegludnifles
  • Avatar for xenxor7
    New album is awesome <3 [4]
  • Avatar for FiftySven
  • Avatar for Givesmechills
    Take it easy
  • Avatar for Nancy-C
    New album is awesome <3 [3]
  • Avatar for Elizabbeth
    New album is awesome <3 [2]
  • Avatar for gislahurst
    Annoying! I can't stand this band.
  • Avatar for WiwiKien
    Amazing new album!
  • Avatar for akerbeltz
    New album is awesome <3
  • Avatar for e1337a-
    Totally agree with @Sonata89. Pardon My French was way better. It was more agressive and now they turn more into pop-punk than metalcore. As I said before I want them to be heavier, that's why the new album is kinda disappointing for me.
  • Avatar for Sonata89
    This whole genre is pretty limited but "Pardon My French" has been pretty versatile if you ask me. I've been able to memorize each song since it was kind of special. Totally missing this on the new one.
  • Avatar for Kev_Disastrous
    v They've always been quite poppy, their new record is still heavy with the riffage and all. I don't actually think their sound has changed drastically.
  • Avatar for Sonata89
    I liked "Pardon my french" way more. It has been more aggressive and came up with some djent-riffing. I miss this on the new one which is too soft anyway. Sounds almost like a pop album. I mean the ballad...What the fuck have you done?
  • Avatar for GoodLuckHaters
    "Get Lost, Find Yourself" Nice, really nice. I'm in euphoria <3
  • Avatar for AdamGontier-TDG
    Вообще по кайфу новый альбом прошел, шикарный просто. The Other Line пушка
  • Avatar for BerserkerRia
    New single 'Pull You Under' is fucking a w e s o m e <3
  • Avatar for RJKlein
    I love their name.
  • Avatar for Dnlphnv
    Ебаное дерьмище этот ваш пост-хардкор.
  • Avatar for HerFadingSmile
    . I did a new vocal cover. it would be awesome if u could give me some feedback under the video. thanks.
  • Avatar for e1337a-
    I wish they made more songs like Pardon My French.
  • Avatar for RiasPure
    hey dudes r u redy 2
  • Avatar for LP-Shinoda
    The Other Line is perfect!!!!! *_*
  • Avatar for deletemepls
  • Avatar for linathefoxy
    *-* nice!) Ребяяят, лол, привет!)
  • Avatar for gabriel_ayroso
  • Avatar for Z2b
    Playing Dead so fucking good !
  • Avatar for FiftySven
    e D0dZ r ye rdy 2?
  • Avatar for Anarki728
    Playing Dead is beatiful :3
  • Avatar for daryakalenik
    Playing Dead <3
  • Avatar for lolokard
    Анимэ для девственников, Чанки - для тру ребят!
  • Avatar for ecnegludnifles
  • Avatar for LCDnewOrder
    hy d00dz r u rdy 2?
  • Avatar for silenceissexy77
  • Avatar for Mettalist1
    Я не смотрел ниодного аниме и слушаю их)


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