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    Aliens outside our solar system are totally gonna rock out to 'Johnny B. Goode' when they finally find the Voyager space probe.
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    Chuck Berry is God.
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    it gives me joy to listen to his early music. the footage from the 50's on youtube is great.
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    si te gustan grupos como este y otros de rock no dude en visitar nuestra página!
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    bantha_fodder_, thanks.
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    Stupied CAPS LOCK [2] !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I've just taken care of the caps issue; it should be back to normal case shortly.
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    why is it in caps. it makes it sound aggressive and not very hip at all.
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    And now he has caps again...
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    The caps make me nervous.
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    Why is hisname suddenly spelled with only capital letters?
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    Chuck for president !
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    with Johnny Cash my old school singer and artist
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    I hope he does one more brand new album with all new music before he dies
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    Spotify playlist: [url=]Blues: Chicago Blues, Delta Blues, Electric Blues, Jump Blues, Piedmont Blues[url]
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    King of Rock.
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    Come to England!
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    thanks for the concert, thank you.
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    Спасибо за концерт!
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    Chuck, see you in april in buenos aires!
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    Play a game about the albums of Chuck Berry !
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    Long Live Rock n Roll and Chuck Berry, Without him, there would be nothing!
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    ребята, кто знает, февральский концерт в Арене тоже отменили?
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    Chuck Berry 4ever! [3] He's the man!
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    El gran Chuck Berry vuelve a Chile!!!
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    Long Live Rock n Roll and Chuck Berry...
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    "If you were to give rock 'n' roll another name you might call it Chuck Berry." John Lennon [2]
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    Truly Genius!
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    Chuck Berry 4ever! [2]
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    Chuck Berry 4ever!
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    "The King Of Rock Lives!" No, he died 35 years ago...can't believe there are still people who think he's alive.
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    Happy (belated) birthday, Chuck!
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    The King Of Rock Lives!, Happy Birthday Chuck!!!
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    Happy Beerday Chuck!!!
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    HB Chuck!
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    Oh Yes So Good!!!!!!!! Chuck Berry Happy birthday, Forever in Rock'n'Rool!!!!!
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    Happy birthday !!!
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    happy birthday 86th to the greatest rock 'n' roll musician ever.
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    crimsonsamura1.....damn those drugs these young people do
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    "If you were to give rock 'n' roll another name you might call it Chuck Berry." John Lennon


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