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  • Avatar for Chrilu
    What for?? To gild his ass?? He gets enough money from the royalties...
  • Avatar for Concrete2
  • Avatar for TheFlyingTeapot
    Guess who's back!
  • Avatar for Chrilu
  • Avatar for darkCcomedy
    Get back in the car
  • Avatar for One-Slip
    Very cool!
  • Avatar for ochuel
    I love the Dream Theater albums with Kevin Moore. Can't really get into their new stuff.
  • Avatar for InSearchOfTruth
    we want new Chroma Key album.
  • Avatar for KevinVillage
    Moore was always leagues ahead of his bandmates in DT. It's better he left, and he knew it.
  • Avatar for chaosventure
    The Space Metal album "Chaos Venture 1.0" produced by Andrea De Paoli and Christian Casini featuring Kevin Moore(ex dream theater), Richard Barbieri(porcupine tree), Mark Zonder(fates warning), Tony Liotta, Andrea Tower Torricini, Simone Fiorletta, Nicola Fassi and many others will be released for Underground Symphony the 29th of october 2013 for Underground symphony label directed by Maurizio Chiarello for order album:
  • Avatar for katybdi
    Undertow is such a great track! I need to listen more..
  • Avatar for BerlinerTemplar
  • Avatar for rmuggles
    love everything these guys do!
  • Avatar for chaosventure
    CHAOS VENTURE SPACE TRAILER . Songwriting by Andrea De Paoli, Christian Casini, Alberto Rizzo Schettino. A new genre named SPACE METAL will drive you into another dimension. Produced and Engineered at my studio. In collaboration with KEVIN MOORE, MARK ZONDER and RICHARD BARBIERI..
  • Avatar for RJ_mymusic
    new album's on the way :D
  • Avatar for MarcusProbus
    Mistrzowski projekt Kevin Moor.
  • Avatar for PatrickSaad
    Great vibe, Chroma Key fans should check out Floex at
  • Avatar for TheIndieHeart
    -get back in the car- is pure love
  • Avatar for Garydave2011
    o.s.i is really good too,like chroma key but heavier rock.
  • Avatar for spindizzy
    Look at the red light, and smile.
  • Avatar for JohnPetruddiPam
    Better than A Dramatic Turn Of Events
  • Avatar for selizard
    ageless music. thanks kev!
  • Avatar for chaosventure
    CHAOS VENTURE are proud to announce the collaboration with the legendary keyboard player KEVIN MOORE (Chroma Key, OSI, ex Dream Theater). The talented American artist will appear in a Chaos Venture tune called Abduction. It has really been an honor to work with such an amazing artist and person. The whole band wish to thank Kevin for the work he did and for the time and dedication he put in it. thanks chaos venture band ---
  • Avatar for wiche
    We need more Chroma Key!
  • Avatar for postmanvosha
    Undertow ! I really like this song !
  • Avatar for Zodiark111
    Gonna leave a post here in order to find it again.
  • Avatar for Garydave2011
    Never heard of Kevin Moore,but have listenecd to dt but must say chromakey is superb,cant stop playing all three cds,its rare to like so many tracks,theres only 3 tracks across the 3 cds that i dont like!!
  • Avatar for alpokus
    Guys, look at this!!! Kevin released new album
  • Avatar for rmuggles
    i love every cd this guy does!!!!!!!!!!!! kevin moore rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for crosskip
    He is more progressive than Dream Theater nowadays.
  • Avatar for Gapkilla
    at the end of colorblind is that a number station i'm hearing?
  • Avatar for JurekNS
    new album please!!!!
  • Avatar for chaosventure
    kevin moore is the best keyboradist of all time
  • Avatar for jompi_89
    Dat mini moog.
  • Avatar for Vinilins
    The golden key that closes my day.
  • Avatar for Lord_Demoriel
    I'd say the opposite, it's definitely progressive, but it's not rock.
  • Avatar for ebrown7
    ah tbh i can't be bothered typing out a long reply but suffice it to say, CK is neither "progressive" or "prog". and yes, there is a difference.
  • Avatar for Agent_Spork
    ebrown7: But I think the point of progressive rock is to kind of... not all sound similar? Maybe you're thinking of regressive rock instead?
  • Avatar for UnaLaguna
    Moore is raising funds for the physical release of "Shine", his unreleased soundtrack to the Turkish film Kucuk Kiyamet - check out to help get a physical release!
  • Avatar for ebrown7
    it isn't even progressive rock though, and people that tag it as progressive rock are KAERJB23r# i don't even understand how you could listen to progressive rock and then listen to chroma key and be like 'woah, that sounds similar!'
  • Avatar for piotrekkurde
    sure it doesn't.. but it can help you develop your taste imo. you like a band - you see it's progressive vegetarian death emo core - and you can check other bands with this tag. and there is a fairly high possibility you will like it. // yhere is also one thing - 'progressive rock' is a shitty buzzword these times, just like 'alternative'
  • Avatar for Drew079
    I guess I don't see the point in tagging stuff- it does not change what I listen to and when I want to listen to it.
  • Avatar for piotrekkurde
    @drew079: because some people have some specific sense of having everything at the right place. and when they see so many people have no idea about genres, they write about it, because it's the right place for it. // @omgitsbeto: neither do i see anything rock nor progressive. trip-hop, electronic, ambient - ok. but half of the tags are with 'rock' ..
  • Avatar for Drew079
    why the fuck do you care what someone tags this as?
  • Avatar for heniharmony
    maybe I'm paranoid, yeah that's my problem ~
  • Avatar for alpokus
    I know it,but OSI isn`t chroma key, I think.
  • Avatar for Ryuusan
    Well OSI will release a new album this or next year, so wish granted I guess.
  • Avatar for alpokus
    I want new album from Kevin.
  • Avatar for shaboc
    Or alternative rock being alternative.
  • Avatar for wombat454
    I think usual wave being new.oxymoron and a paradox metal bands sound


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