• St Agnes Fountain @ Farnsfield Acoustic, Farnsfield, December 2005

    13 Jan 2008, 00:02 by queeniefox

    I didn't know what to expect at all, and was doubtful how good a show made up entirely of Christmas songs could be but the music was really excellent. They did some old or lesser known carols to more or less their original tunes, some very well known ones to really good soulful arangements and some original songs as well. The sound was really full and not really 'acoustic' at all (Farnsfield Acoustic ran the night, quick plug for them and the lovely Jenny, they get many excellent people on) as they had a keyboard and samples going. It seemed to be very much the Chris While and Julie Matthews show if only because they sang lead on most of the songs and Julie's keyboard was the most prominant instrument. Chris did mandolin, violin and viola and was fairly cosmic in his own way. David Hughes (who I managed to avoid successfully for the entire night) didn't really appear to do anything much apart from strum his guitar and do an unrepeatable but hilarious routine about giving up, um, methane, for Christmas. …
  • Fairport @ Bosworth Battlefield, June 2005

    12 Jan 2008, 23:28 by queeniefox

    'Well, at least nothing got struck by lightning...'

    Ok, that was pretty surreal. Partly because going to a Fairport gig while on many many lots painkillers (for period pain) is almost a stupid an idea as going to Swarb Aid when concussed (I remember slightly more about this concert, but rather wish I didn't) but for once, the weirdness wasn't just me.

    Firstly: the venue in general. The previous two times I have been to Bosworth Battlefield have been really rather odd. There was the occasion when we went to see the battle re-enactment and it rained so much that I sat in the beer tent reading a second hand copy of Reaper Man I'd bought for most of the day, the umbrella blew away, and when the battle finally started Henry fell off his horse. Oh and there was a small owl flying around the gift shop. On the other occasion I was talking part in a 'community drama' thing called The King of Spin which involved me at various times of the day doing a 15 minute version of Richard III, measuring people's heads…
  • Fairport @ Poynten, March 2005

    12 Jan 2008, 23:12 by queeniefox

    The concert started about half an hour after we'd been told which didn't put me in the best mood as I was really uncomfortable because of the pain. Because of that I probably didn't enjoy the acts as much as I would have usually, even Fairport. But they were still all really good. We don't have a programme so I'm afraid I can't remember the names of the second two acts but I do know that the first was called Sad Pig - a memorable name! The second was a chap with an accordion and hardly any teeth who was very funny but I didn't really like his songs. The penultimate act was a lady with a lovely deep rich voice who sang some more popular stuff, like Paul Simon, and a couple of spirituals. Apparently she'd been doing Christian songs in the morning due to it being Easter Sunday and all.

    After that there was an interval followed by a raffle which we didn't win. *gloom* (Well, not really; first prize was a signed Man U football!) And then on came the Five that are Fairport...except this time they were six. …
  • Cropredy Festival @ Cropredy, Oxfordshire, August 2004

    12 Jan 2008, 23:06 by queeniefox

    It's hard to write about this because this morning I felt myself getting upset that this year might have been the last one. The thought was in everyone's mind last night of course but the atmosphere was hopeful (this is mainly due to the wondrous Sir Simon of Nicol who deserves a medal for last night.) and because the night had been so wonderful it was impossible to feel sad. I don't want to get upset now because I want to remember how I felt last night. I don't think I can write a proper linear account of the two days so I shall write down a series of moments, serious and light and not in the right order. There's a lot of them, and unfortunately you had to be there, but indulge me.

    - The arrival on to the site and the feeling of happiness that seeing the stage for the first time produces every year.

    - Camping for the first time. (Thanks Emma!) Going to sleep with the noise of the rest of the campsite around me, something I've never experienced before. …
  • Fairport Convention @ The Sage Gateshead 25th Feb 2006

    5 Mar 2006, 23:29 by unevendays

    Sat 25 Feb – Fairport Convention

    Fairport Convention, Winter Tour, Sage Gateshead

    On Friday the 25th Feburary, Fairport Convention were playing at the Sage in Gateshead, Newcastle, Hall 1. I was expecting Hall 2 (the small, folk venue) but instead, Fairport fans filled the 1,700 seater Hall 1. I was rather impressed by this! I took my mother to the gig because she used to be a fan of Fairport back in 1969 when Liege And Lief came out (in fact I now have her record from the time to play on my shiny new record player) so I was hoping for a really good show with a fair bit of old stuff that she would know. I wasn't disapointed.

    P. J. Wright opened for them, he was perfectly serviceable but didn't really grab me until the last two songs - one was with Ric Sanders, violinist and madman extrodinaire and the second was with the entire of Fairport. Oh and he also did a song called Johnny England that I quite enjoyed. Anyway, the fact that Fairport joined him on stage for the last…
  • Cropredy, 13/08/2005

    27 Aug 2005, 20:08 by unevendays

    Thu 11 Aug – Cropredy

    Cropredy 2005 - Fairport Convention & Uiscedwr

    I got onto the field at Cropredy Festival with a shiny fluorescent pink wristbands around 3, just in time to hear Bob Fox singing Big River - a song I know from the period in which my mother was a fan of Jimmy Nail's attempts at music. He finished and introduced Uiscedwr (isk-a-door apparently), who I had seen on the folk awards and had been reasonably impressed with. They were absolutely fantastic! There are three members of the band whose name I am not writing twice. So there. The girl on the violin, Anna I think her name is, was very confident and rather good, and sang as well. The guy on bodhran is two years older than me and was fantastic. I never thought I'd sit though a bodhran solo! About ten minutes worth of pure bodhran and I enjoyed it! It's like Magnus Osstrom in EST all over again. His was the first drum solo I ever enjoyed. The third guy is a well known dude called Kevin Dempsey, who played guitar. …
  • Fairport Convention, Middlesbrough Town Hall, 28/04/2005

    26 Aug 2005, 23:52 by unevendays

    Thu 28 Apr – Fairport Convention

    Fairport Convention, Spring Tour, Middlesbrough

    We got to Middlesbrough with only ten minutes to find the venue and no map. So much for forethought. However, we did manage to get there in just about time, got tickets from the box office (after a brief moment of panic when they said they had none for us...) and scurried inside. I went and bought a programme from the merch stand right behind me and was told I was making a good choice by none other than Simon Nichol as he walked past me to the backstage entrace. I didn't know it was him until I was told, because I had my back to him and by the time I turned around he was walking off so all I could see was his back. But still, rather amusing!

    Anyway, yes. The gig started, in Simon's words, "unusually punctually", with a song I didn't know. They proceeded to play a great setlist, which I will type up shortly, including virtually all of my favourite songs! They did Genesis Hall…