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  • Avatar for jarizappa
    I'm trying really hard to hear the song but the goddamn drum beat drenches everything else... :(
  • Avatar for syncro50
    I love this!!!!!!
  • Avatar for maddk
  • Avatar for Nabhan
    loving it!
  • Avatar for drenyelle
    The drum machine god damn kills me! It's a glorified Justin Timberlake song, only with better lyrics and vocals. Horrors. Timbaland needs to be stopped.
  • Avatar for flx82
    The guy has the right to do anything he wants,... but damn what a godawfull song this is. I'm a huge Soundgarden fan but this makes me puke!
  • Avatar for Hummel-Hugo
    that beat is so amazing, one of the best timbo beats
  • Avatar for milann89
    Brilliant... But Timbaland's drums... It's too ordinary, commercial, pop... Timbaland STOP! Besides T, this song is... Strong.
  • Avatar for h0bbel
    Oh man. I'm so incredibly dissapointed by this. Chris, please.
  • Avatar for --adept--
    Audioslave fan since day one, and I still manage to love this song. Timbaland brings a phenomenal beat and Chris' voice is at its best. Amazing.
  • Avatar for killhannahowns
    Best song this year by anyone.
  • Avatar for grecoroman
    hmmmmmmmmm This song screams Timbaland ......
  • Avatar for box2006
    Best song so far from the new album.
  • Avatar for bonisworld
    Nice song, but the drum machine ruins it
  • Avatar for GregCano
    My love for this song is above everything else, above all the talking , above Timbaland, above critics, above all that...don't know what's in this song that I love so much but it's one of my Cornell solo favourites for sure. Chris is still able to catch me by his voice and his songs, even today...and it reassures me, though I'm not sure there will be something as powerful in the album.
  • Avatar for Karla23
    Nice... but I'm still not sure about this project


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