• greenbelt festival 2008/ my last three months listening

    27 Aug 2008, 10:16 by stevethack

    Fri 22 Aug – Greenbelt Festival 2008

    having listened to many of the bands playing this years greenbelt fest the plan is to post my last three month chart here (given when i was away this actually covers the full 11 weeks from me returning from the greenbelt iona retreat to my arrival at the festival) then slowly edit it with comments about the bands that did play the fest. prob a big job so count this journal entry as a work in progress.

    1 Levellers 119(no link to greenbelt, well Seth lakeman's brother Sean produced their new album and i can find half a dozen other tenuous links)

    2 Michael Franti & Spearhead 82
    headlined friday night, wow. maybe not as impressive as when he played two years back and so far i do think i prefer Yell fire to his new album.

    2 Duke Special 82
    ok joint second for the duke, not at the festival this year but has been most years (once we get out of my top ten i'll delete the bands who weren't on the gb08 line up)
    4 Rachel Taylor-Beales 77
  • Gig Review - Duke Special

    16 May 2007, 14:53 by Ged_UK

    Tue 15 May – Duke Special, Beth Rowley gig review. I have to say what a huge pleasure it is to see Duke Special in a large venue at last!

    Before the gig started, the pre-gig music was supplied by DJ78, playing lovely old early Rock and Roll, Jazz and I guess it's called Easy Listening stuff all on shellac 78s, which i just lapped up!

    Beth Rowley was the support, and very good she was too. She's one of those people you look at when she starts singing and think, where the hell did that voice come from! I think she might have been a bit nervous though, but she came through it well. It's always brave to cover Nina Simone songs (Nobody's Fault But Mine), but she did it very well!

    The Duke himself; what can i say. The venue really seemed to suit him, and the band were excellent. Always good to see Ben Castle back and nattily dressed too.

    Chip Bailey was in good form too, leading the audience (including his parents) in grater/whisk training before doing a piece of remarkably quick…