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Baby, You Wouldn't Last a Minute on the Creek (4:40)


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  • forgot how good they were!! starting listening to them 7 years ago and finally seeing them!
  • fuck yeah
  • that part where craig holds the "at AAAAALLLLLLL!!" at like 2:45 might be my favorite three seconds of craigery. ever.
  • Saw these guys live in '06... Amazing!!!
  • Damn.. This song never gets old in my radio!!!
  • Absolutely love this song ^-^
  • Let's just stop. Drop everything. Forget each others names. And just walk away. < l 3
  • <33
  • Chiodos, used to be beast, then Brandon ruined it for me and now we have DRUGS
  • All's Well That Ends Well was something special when it came out, I obsessed with this song like crazy. This Chiodos sound is greatly missed!
  • This is a really powerful song, pretty sad :[ But i adore it, so so so much. <3
  • I do miss Chiodos w/ criag. but new chiodos isnt bad, and D.R.U.G.S. is amazing
  • I miss Craig his voice made me love chiodos
  • I love this song!!!!! [4]
  • I love this song!!!!! [3]
  • <3333
  • I love this song!!!!! [2]
  • I love this song!!!!!
  • Its too bad Craig isn't in the band anymore, I miss old Chiodos.
  • This song is just fucking incredible. I love Bone Palace Ballet but this is a spectacular album in its own right.
  • "Like we never knew each other at ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL" Haha I love this songgg.
  • (sigh) i miss this
  • fuckin wow!!! gets better everytime i hear it
  • oh, the memories.
  • wow amazing
  • lyrics are quite moving, kinda sad :C but song is awesome, i must say! acoustic version also isn't that worse than the original.
  • craig and the band are better off without each other
  • Brings me back
  • the first really good song i´ve heard from them...
  • cute song
  • <3
  • cool story bro
  • One of my faves =)
  • s2s2s2
  • Nice but still not so good as Eyes set to Kill or Hawthorne Heights or Alesana or....
  • <3333333333
  • <3
  • My friends at school recommended this band. I don't regret it one bit.
  • when this song begins everyone comes to the center......this is prob. the best or the worst idea i have ever had :)
  • we say what we feel, then stop ourselves and just walk away
  • No they didn't Craig left but they are still a band.
  • fuck..they broke up :''''''(
  • I love Chiodos
  • \m/
  • how, reminds me of high school days
  • iremember listening to this song ALL the time in 5th n 6th grade :) loved craig so much ^^
  • good <3
  • This song brings back memories of better times. <3
  • i love Craig Owens & I love this song. I still prefer the acoustic version. But it's beautiful.


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