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All's Well That Ends Well

All's Well That Ends Well



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  • I loved this album a lot (and it still has a special place in my heart), but they aren't that good compared to Glassjaw or At the Drive-In. Chiodos was my gateway drug to post-hardcore though, so you have to give 'em credit where it's due. Another thing that really deflated this album for me and further lessened my appreciation for this band was discovering Anthony Green's work. He's basically Craig Owens but better, sad to say... though Craig's voice has a bit of a fuller, richer feel to it.
  • three years later, the fact that some guy got pissed off because i said this is their best album that has the word "all" in it is still funny. by the way, didn't nevershoutnever and the devil wears prada essentially the same fanbase as chiodos? jesus fucking christ i'm glad i grew out of this.
  • I'm 22 as well, why would you be ashamed? I found this album when I was 16 I think, it's still good, why be ashamed
  • At age 22, I'm kind of ashamed to still like this album...
  • Amazing album <3
  • forgot how good this album is.
  • no need to say that this is their best album.
  • where is Illuminadio?
  • dsfdgdrgrgf
  • i like the fact that i said that this is the best album by them that starts with All. there's only one. i never said BPB was better. okay i'm done, just thinkaboutit.

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