• Tangled Star's That Time EP Released

    13 Jun 2009, 00:51 by Hidden_Shoal Shoal Recordings have announced the release of That Time, the gorgeous new EP by the Craig Hallsworth-led Australian outfit Tangled Star.

    That Time features the stunning single ‘seabirdtown’. The track opens with the expansive open-air sound of Pink Floyd-style organs and spatial guitars before falling into an earthbound shuffle and a taste of a lush, full-band sound for Tangled Star. The song’s gradual build to a towering edifice of glowing overdriven guitar, droning organ and harmony vocals is topped off by an echoed guitar line that sketches glistening arcs in the stratosphere. The single is indicative of That Time’s strengths as a louder, more flowing version of the melodic, evocative spaces of Tangled Star’s twilight pop songs.

    That Time is the follow-up to the recently re-issued Tangled Star EP Our Man In Eden Hill, which features the sublime pop genius of the EP’s lead single ‘tosleepingpeople’.