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  • great synthies and acid-basslines... very,very,very .... good sound (kinnnachvornschieb)
  • Отлично
  • am 06.08. in Freising beim "Prima leben und stereo"!
  • underrated
  • [group]We Love British Bands[/group]
  • Check our new article abou CHIKINKI on idealized.!
  • French Rock Rules !! If you like this music, you may also like [artist]Pete Vyler[/artist] Band. Just a rocknroll Disaster gig. Thanx 4 your follow
  • great gig at immergut festival :)
  • you said.
  • Immergut? Ich bin dabei!
  • finally at the Immergut <3
  • -`♥´- you make it look easy -`♥´-
  • Ether Radio very catchy
  • For someone who looks so much like a young Bill Gates, Boris Exton is damn cool.
  • they're great! *,*
  • any neewwwwsss?
  • awesome music! :D
  • @Viva: I think its great, and not only the first seven songs. The second part of the album grows by listening. Go and get it!
  • I really like brace, brace; especially the first 7 songs, and you said is a great song.
  • @Viva i don't like Brace, Brace... at all. experiment with mother and lick your ticket are good, though!
  • So what's the matter with Brace Brace? It got a lot of not so great critcs, but I kind of still want to buy it since I don't trust in these things. Is the new album any good? Ppl in the shoutbox only mention songs from Lick Your Ticket. Should I get Brace Brace anyway? I need to handle my money more careful at the time :/
  • WOW!
  • listen to "something more (Tiefschwarz vocal remix)"
  • hate tv (L)
  • отличные чуваки)))
  • Joder!!!!!!!!!! que bueno!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • ether radio = AWESOME
  • !!!
  • Wow... Just found them... Wow!
  • To Sacrifice a Child - YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
  • Yes. Yes. Great. Yes.
  • OMG!!!!.... Something More (Tiefschwarz Vocal Remix) fucking amazing
  • To Sacrifice a Child :) Nice to dance
  • Could somebody send me Chikinki - You Said ? Please :)
  • time is my enemy
  • Assassinator 13 (Ruede Hagelstein Ride On Take Off Mix) --> elite!!!
  • CHIKINKI @ the frequency. was so of the best. and the signing-hour was so funny .... =)
  • Recently started collecting Chikinki albums - it's a cool sound indeed. Rock on, guys... :-)
  • Я их услышал на сайте левис
  • :D the performance at frequency festival was so fucking great..! chikinkiii!! ;)
  • Chikinki-Interview at Frequency Festival, Austria:
  • случайно услышал. йа восхищен) heard'em by chance. I'm really impressed)
  • I love only assassinator 13...
  • Are Chikinki one the greatest bands Britain has ever produced? Join [url=]The British Rock Artists League[/url] and vote for them in [url=]Band Qualifying[/url] to get them in the final tournament. Spread the word!
  • You got me, got me, got me!!! Chikinki!!!!
  • The "Assassinator 13" simply rocks. It's cool guys!
  • there is a session of acoustic outdoor videos with chikinki online at they played ether radio and sunrise under a bridge in vienna!
  • Ho god, no!!! They don't sound like Hard-Fi!! My god, no! Maybe, the last album sounds more overproduced but it's always like that! It's just a normal evolution! It's exactly the same for The Hives for example. And so what! It sounds very good!
  • they lost their original sound. now they sound like hard-fi. damn!


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