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  • monikmtzr

    Si realmente se parece mucho a Deftones, también me gusta.

    October 2014
  • LUCE08

    this is so deftones... [2] haha i can see that, which is why i love this song so much bc i'm a deftones fan too haha

    May 2014
  • AlexandraMaya

    this is so deftones...

    March 2014
  • liquidvizions


    April 2013
  • bloody72

    pozdrowienia z Gierałtowic

    April 2013
  • ishiggydiggy

    never really got why this is one of their most popular tracks, pretty bland IMO

    March 2013
  • dayofdaze

    sounds alot like Deftones "Be Quiet & Drive"

    March 2013
  • Lithium778

    song of my life...

    February 2013
  • Vampkat247

    LOVE THIS!!!

    February 2013
  • pixiepiratez


    January 2013
  • Mechayoshi

    I'm here from Donkey Konga 2

    December 2012
  • Painaholic


    October 2012
  • punklove3rocks


    October 2012
  • fox1der

    Much like suffocating.

    October 2012
  • olyb12

    Hell yes! love this song!

    September 2012
  • TicketPimp

    Going to the show? http://ticketpimp.co/ResultsGeneral.aspx?stype=0&kwds=Chevelle

    September 2012
  • samoht65

    Kannte ich noch nicht...! Ziemlich cool...

    August 2012
  • hadomaru

    I'm not a big fan of this one.

    July 2012
  • nevercrew

    збс жи есть

    June 2012
  • QueenKei

    I saw them in concert yesterday! Awesome band!!

    June 2012
  • MizzToksic

    I don't know what it is about the singer's voice, but i get all pumped up when i hear him getting loud :D

    June 2012
  • mrshammett

    most relatable chevelle song <3

    June 2012
  • rirismo

    c'mon! How can you have a favorite Chevelle song! there all my favorite!

    April 2012
  • metalprincess6

    saw them Live and when they played this song the crowd went crazy

    April 2012
  • Volcomaestro

    Reminds me a bit of Deftones - Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away) which is no bad thing

    April 2012
  • steviemarie182

    My favorite Chevelle song <3

    April 2012
  • ELGia10

    Love this I always have.

    April 2012
  • isistool

    First I thought is Deftones..

    April 2012
  • ChestersBest12

    i <3 this song

    March 2012
  • second-life-syn

    At about 2:40 I get the real New Metal feeling back. Yeah!

    February 2012
  • papabear0121

    Ahh, this is more like it. It was like you didn't even know me for a while there, Last.fm.

    January 2012
  • lovelife840

    Chevelle= best band ever <3

    January 2012
  • reispauloalves

    odooro esta musica

    January 2012
  • DSA93

    Never actually heard this band before, gotta say, they really are awesome! Gonna have to YouTube them some more I think!

    December 2011
  • VaderN

    nicely done

    December 2011
  • n1cks28

    @sc0730 Its just a good song man. Good sounds And if you listen to the words you will find the story :) Just sayin, you should know a song be4 you judge it so harshly

    December 2011
  • jpartea


    November 2011
  • mfisher81

    good tune

    October 2011
  • sco703

    I don't get the attraction to this song.

    October 2011
  • Naddog123

    love xmillion

    September 2011
  • Icros

    A qué buena rola :D

    September 2011
  • Volcomaestro

    @schticklet: I'd have to disagree, I'd say a lot of music these days comes from the wallet rather than the heart.

    September 2011
  • schticklet

    @FROSTB1T3: >music< comes from the heart. I hope I'm just reading too far into your comment, and you aren't actually as narrow-minded as the impression you're giving me.

    September 2011
  • chibinovachan

    brings back memories of high school. Not sure if that's a good thing or not..... :)

    July 2011
  • mellow_girl

    love it...

    June 2011
  • teddytat

    so all you fan's have nothing to say cum on get with it

    June 2011
  • SatinDaul

    I'd die so happy if I could see this group live!!!

    March 2011
  • xxBrandNewRiotx

    this song is freakin amazing

    March 2011

    i love rock cuz it comes from the heart and most rock vocalists SHOW emotion when they sing which makes the song even better

    March 2011
  • Mikomaz

    best song from this album

    February 2011