• Rofltime returns in Spring 2010!

    23 Sep 2009, 16:31 by rofltime

    Thank you guys so much for making Season 3 of Rofltime Radio the greatest one yet! Season 4 begins on APRIL 24, 2010 - the last Saturday of the month! There are SURPRISES in store for next year, including perhaps a BRAND NEW #CL-POWERED SISTER SHOW SLATED FOR NEXT FALL?

    There are things to look forward to before that, though! More Trucks, hosted by our own Chet Farnsworth, is rumored to be back by OCTOBER 2009! There's also the FIFTH ICE THROWING EVER planned, as always, for DECEMBER THIRTY FIRST, unless I have A COOLER OBLIGATION THAT DAY! And the Rofltime website will become significantly better soon, with clips of past shows and a randomizer to bring you ROFLTIME ALL THE TIME. Keep up with CaffeineLounge for news updates!