• Dirrty

    6 Apr 2006, 00:46 by Ephief

    If you blush when listening to Cherry Bikini and cannot even think of listening to Peaches because of dirty words, then Avenue D is definitely not for you. If, on the other hand, you like and are not afraid of words such as fuck, suck, cock, pussy and bitch, then go ahead, get to know Debbie and Daphne and the music they make. Watch the videos for starters.
  • LIVE: Regina

    23 Feb 2006, 01:17 by Ephief

    On February 22nd 2006 at Yo-talo, Tampere, Finland

    Somehow the whole concept of Finnish alured me until yesterday. I got a track (Tokio) from a friend a while back, probably because I went to Japan last year, but my project kept me from listening to it. Basically, I was awestruck after hearing it.

    I went to Regina's homepage and saw that they were going to play at Tampere the next day. With the tickets at only 2 euros, I had no choice but to go and see them. This all just after hearing one track. I don't normally even see that many bands live or anything. Later I found three more tracks from their homepage, so I didn't have to totally unprepared to the show.

    They opened with Tokio, which I loved, and finished with Salakuvaaja (the encore). Somewhere in between they also played a cover of a Kauko Röyhkä song that made me wish I was also listening to Röyhkä and knew which song it was.

    The background visuals were absolutely beautiful. …
  • My Year of Music 2005: September - December, The New Age

    30 Dec 2005, 16:41 by Ephief

    After returning to Finland I naturally wanted to cling on to the memories of Japan, so I kept on listening to j-pop. And The Faint. I had discovered Last.fm during my stay in Japan, but didn't acknowledge its full potential until I slowly started to listen to new music. I think The Faint was a sort of trigger to it. A catalyst at least. This Fall I have listend to a huge amounts of music new to me. I have discovered new bands and new genres.

    One of my friends started to listen to country as joke, made me listen to it also, and now we both listen to it weekly, and not as joke. Johnny Cash and Alan Jackson mostly, since I don't have the time to listen to new country as much as I'd like to. Country is also night-time music to me, which limits the time I mainly listen to it. I like to listen to it when I'm tired and am just sitting and ircing.

    Another big thing for me has been electropop and/or futurepop. Another friend introduced me to Freezepop, which lead to Cherry Bikini, Ladytron and Peaches. …
  • Cherry Bikini

    9 Nov 2005, 16:16 by Ephief

    Olen nyt kuunnellut kaksi Cherry Bikinin kappaletta, muutamaan kertaan. Valtaisaa tunne-elämystä ei ole syntynyt.

    En väitä, että Cherry Bikini missään tapauksessa huonoa olisi, mutta ehkä olen jo kyllästänyt itseni illa. The Knifen (tästä kaikki osaltani lähti), Freezepopin ja Peachesin jälkeen Cherry Bikini ei vain enää jaksanut iskeä samalla tavalla.

    Kuulemistani kappaleista remixaamaton kappale (Disco Party) oli huomattavasti remixattua parempi ja osoittaa kyllä selkeästi, Cherry Bikini voisi hyvinkin nousta soittolistoillani ylemmäskin. Minun pitäisi kai kuulla muitakin kappaleita.

    Katsotaan ja kehitytään.