• 10 Favorite Albums Ever

    18 Dec 2006, 02:16 by Night_Songs_

    This entry took much thought and consideration into what 10 albums could honestly be considered my favorite of all-time. It's an eclectic mix, as I'm keeping it to 1 album per artist. So let's get to it. In no order, might I add.

    Too Fast For Love- It was really, really tough for me to pick between the Motley albums, being that they are my favorite band of all-time. I went with this album because of the pure rawness of every single track. It was very new and original for that time period, and there's not one skippable track on this album.
    Favorite Song- Take Me To The Top

    Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness- Quite possibly one of the most creative and best written albums I've ever heard. Billy Corgan is a musical genious and the sounds he can come up with are mindblowing. There are 6 different parts to the album, which makes it flow unbelievably smoothly, and the heavy/light mix makes it listenable at anytime.
    Favorite Songs- Thirty-Three / Cupid de Locke