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-From Dania, Florida.+At least two artists share this name, including:
-Garage Rock+
-http://www.trashfever.com/index.html+1) Twentieth-century southeastern American bluesman, possibly AKA [artist]Dan Pickett[/artist].
 +2) Dania, Florida-based garage rock guitarist.

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This name refers to two artists on Last.fm: 1) Charlie Pickett is a singer and guitarist known for his blend of old style with , , , and more, achieving underground fame from the onward playing as "Charlie Pickett and the Eggs". A native of Dania, Florida who's toured across the American south, his devotion to has meant old The Rolling Stones style grooves and mid- sounds with a healthy smattering of the vibes of the Ramones and the Sex Pistols. A kissing cousin musically of Flamin' Groovies type groups, he's often played the Groovies' well-titled "Shake Some Action", that being his mantra. His songs frankly deal with life on the road, drugs, sex, betrayal, and the like in a take-no-prisoners style that's brought him underground acclaim, particularly for his live performances. With his backing band the Eggs, he first brought his hyped-up sound to performing covers of British invaders such as Johnny Kidd and the Pirates and Manfred Mann, a loud cry of individuality when the prevailing cry of underground rockers was "no future." His first release was live LP titled 'Live at the Button', and he quickly fired off a couple of good-to-great yet highly obscure records steeped in the blues, with plenty of guitar fireworks supplied by John Salton. His best known work is 2008's critically acclaimed 'Bar Band Americanus: The Best of Charlie Pickett And...' (also known by similar titles). 2) Twentieth-century southeastern American bluesman Dan Pickett also sometimes was labeled by this name.