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Charlie Khan is the foghorn voice of the not-entirely-moral minority, not that this bothers him in the slightest. Casting his jaundiced eagle-eye over the chaotic rat’s nest that is society, he has found it wanting. Fortunately, with an idiosyncratic and eloquent lyrical mien and a belly full of bile, he is able to set about exposing the absurdity of human behaviour through the medium of song.

Backed by a clattering cacophony of weird and wonderful instruments, including his trusty two-string stick bass (which handily doubles as a weapon) and a host of decrepit guitars and vintage keyboard instruments, his brand of demented skiffle-esque diatribes are a truly unique proposition.

Having already hurled the ‘How We Divide The Cake’ EP with full force at the general public, his debut full-length album, "The Fathomless Maelstrom", is expected to arrive this winter and bludgeon us all into submission once again.

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