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  • Avatar for vulnicured
    her best song ever hands down for me. the emotion, the vibe, the lyrics, the instrumental, the synths, the mini-raps, the fuzziness, etc. i could go on and on!
  • Avatar for tauyyy
  • Avatar for MachineOfaDream
    I hope she makes more music similar to this.
  • Avatar for rumourss
    fique longe
  • Avatar for lickalloverme
    her best song, no doubt
  • Avatar for viathin12
    yes a depeche mode and new order influence definitely
  • Avatar for MelliloquentCre
    .Not bad reminds me of Depeche Mode
  • Avatar for vaughnvhalen
    *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-So much better than her IGGY -POP stuff;';';';';';';';';';';';'
  • Avatar for RobHF
    this song is still the best thing i think she's done <3
  • Avatar for HayleighRayment
    emember going to our favourite place
  • Avatar for ProfessorTheK
    it's so insane to listen to this after her newer stuff, this song >>>>
  • Avatar for veruschkan
    I knew you weren't no angel, but GOD...!!!
  • Avatar for ksluanna
  • Avatar for squarecrystal
    dragonette, wow
  • Avatar for Josielfoda_-_-_
    what is
  • Avatar for joebrightness
    i forgot how much this song fucking ROCKS
  • Avatar for CollinKelley
    The chorus sounds like a big homage to T'Pau's "Heart and Soul," which was - and still is - a cool song.
  • Avatar for vaughnvhalen
    *-*--**-*-*-*-*--**-*-Fun Stuff*-*-*-*--*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*
  • Avatar for Luckas_eu
  • Avatar for rockopa53
  • Avatar for hf1809
    best song.............................................................*
  • Avatar for hf1809
    it good this song***************************************
  • Avatar for pimki1980
    Her voice is similar to Marina's but, she has a different touch to her songs... Charli is slightly more calm in her music and doesn't give too much energy to her voice, that's why she's so subtle. Marina is somehow who'd I call a BFF at school. A person who understands me. Charli is like the one who'd calm you down with her attitude...
  • Avatar for hf1809
    cool,love this song++++++***************************
  • Avatar for TommyGunAngel
    incredible song
  • Avatar for hf1809
    super super song
  • Avatar for pimki1980
    Stay away, why couldn't you just stay away? ♥
  • Avatar for geenarrr23
    "Licking up the blood, yeah I made this decision." - genius
  • Avatar for barbecuetioner
    Just loverly
  • Avatar for mcrawford42
    I can get behind this. Purchase, then play in the office.
  • Avatar for Klouny_Clown
    I think is still my fave song from her.
  • Avatar for Redirector13
    dope production
  • Avatar for u_go_na
    ♥♪♫♪♥ ƸӜƷ♥♪♫♪♥
  • Avatar for TrickyNishidake
    Reminds me of Dragonette.
  • Avatar for ibukie
    You're just electric blue.
  • Avatar for TschulietLoisFM
    Icona Pop like we have better
  • Avatar for hf1809
    good song
  • Avatar for gendryarya
    cool song and she's crazy cute too
  • Avatar for hauntedserenity
    It's like marina but more ethereal, I like it, I like it a lot. :)
  • Avatar for omgitsreece96
    you are the curse, i am the captive <3
  • Avatar for negabraz
    i like.
  • Avatar for HimitsuUK
  • Avatar for Marrajjj
    I wish she would make a video for this
  • Avatar for leisuresuite
    This song gets better with age. Fine wine here, folks
  • Avatar for Turahbekakhanim
    erstes Hören... toll
  • Avatar for BayBee684
    i like!
  • Avatar for drtbags
    kinda reminds me of marina and the diamonds idk
  • Avatar for Ezekiel22
    Goose bumps.
  • Avatar for hyshameless
    I'm feeling this. [2] amazing.
  • Avatar for bonjourabbie
    By far Charli's best song. Way better than You (HA HA HA) (and pretty much anything released after You're the One)


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