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  • Avatar for delayecho
    rest in peace
  • Avatar for Adrian347
    RIP legend
  • Avatar for MishMog
    RIP, SIngh :(
  • Avatar for dempseee
    such a great loss rip
  • Avatar for mot00rzysta
    sweet dreams
  • Avatar for chewtoy
    May he reincarnate in an even greater musician.
  • Avatar for Spurck
  • Avatar for ghostlypigeon
    rest in peace
  • Avatar for chvrlotte
    this is actually one of the best albums i have ever heard
  • Avatar for SimonePerrota
    Indeed. Sounds like early '90s techno.
  • Avatar for jakobdorof
    unbelievably prescient. wow
  • Avatar for EthanZ94
    v shut up v
  • Avatar for pope-punk
    this is the jam
  • Avatar for Soci0path
    simple Eastern compositions but pure Genius... It happens once in a time,... Thanks to that my weed feels "so tasty". Hats Off.
  • Avatar for KaBaToR
    raga pon dem bollywood cru step an ting, seen
  • Avatar for CormacH94
    This really is some amazing stuff
  • Avatar for wisheraway
    There is no language called "indian" in India
  • Avatar for anna_best
    How do you say Acid in indian?
  • Avatar for Pramipexole
    if only he had thought to turn the resonance all the way up...
  • Avatar for Pramipexole
  • Avatar for Jaked00d
    Mindblowing stuff!
  • Avatar for ferlitio
    OMGanesha at this.
  • Avatar for Robberstone
    So fucking good.
  • Avatar for el_papa_pampa
    Fuck Chicago. This is the real deal. [2]
  • Avatar for FaultyClockwork
    This is too fucking good.
  • Avatar for al_shashkin
  • Avatar for post-wizardry
    Jürgen Müller is an alias of Norm Chambers/Panabrite I believe.
  • Avatar for ranaghose
    Charanjit Singh Vs. Heems of Das Racist - Live November 2012:
  • Avatar for thmstrfwstngtm
  • Avatar for mijajo
    @vitameen Charanjit exists, no one has ever seen Jürgen Müller...
  • Avatar for mijajo
    Fuck Chicago. This is the real deal.
  • Avatar for Akayz7
    how did he manage to do this in 1982?
  • Avatar for helloimjoshua
  • Avatar for chriszombolas
    this goes hard
  • Avatar for ClaeBeast
    holy shoot this is sick
  • Avatar for vitameen
    [artist]Charanjit Singh[/artist] = [artist]Jürgen Müller[/artist] ?
  • Avatar for THee-BeAtNiK
  • Avatar for ratboyhatesyou
    cool beans
  • Avatar for tanomarevic
    lol, I did'nt know they listened to acid in ancient India...
  • Avatar for Lechusz
    this guy is awesome
  • Avatar for gobblox1
    Ten Ragas is consuming my life
  • Avatar for NicDowse
    Such a good story, such killer sounds. Please tell me this isn't a prank.
  • Avatar for minimalnoize
    Wow! This man didn't even know.
  • Avatar for drohski
    Holy shit this is where its at.
  • Avatar for Combos
    They were playing this at the local record/game store the other day, needless to say, my mind was blown, lucky for me the only employee that actually knows whats going on was working that shift, and showed me the vinyl.
  • Avatar for abhishekpaul Thom likes you too.
  • Avatar for ranaghose
    he's still very much alive, kicking, and performing. just met him:
  • Avatar for xdreamx19
    who the fuck tagged this as "disco"?
  • Avatar for derriskharlan
  • Avatar for godonnygo
    Even though every song on the album has the same pattern and melody, the acid sound this guy invented is awesome. Is Singh still alive or what?


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