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  • Mamoto

    OUI, ça marche pour moi aussi!

    last month
  • i_Walk

    Quelle belle découverte, waouhhhh, j'adore !

    July 2014
  • TheFrenchJerk

    fucking genius. I can't wait for a new album

    June 2014
  • Lonertunes

    Très très efficace!!

    February 2014
  • ironarmatom

    [link][/link] Protest remix by Dimlite. PAAANTS

    November 2013
  • Sachoulechou


    September 2013
  • Sachoulechou

    Jouissif !

    September 2013
  • Gutyx

    Aux Eurockéennes, j'ai cru pleurer de joie en voyant ça.

    July 2013
  • pixel_dude

    613 is slowly becoming one of my favourite albums. It's a stunning electroacoustic experiment with great emotional depth. But Invisible is plagued by that...that electronic twang sound which is for some reason present in every track. Why?!

    May 2013
  • Exeio

    Which one for starting

    January 2013
  • mushroomsseason

    my ears are smiling

    December 2012
  • Charles_Heres

    This really reminds me of Volapük sometimes

    December 2012
  • Aiderni

    Вот это открытие!

    November 2012
  • yourdadsbff

    quelle magnifique!

    June 2012
  • tavitooo

    is incredible your songs are amazing you have a sensibility for the music! eres lo mejor de la musica tienes muchas melodias guardadas en tu corazon eres un poeta musical eres un angel musical! me gusta lo que haces, yo siento de verdad tu musica en mi corazon y en mis oidos, eres grande!!! por favor ven a mi pais PERU!!!.

    May 2012
  • JonnyRIDDLE

    pretty great!

    May 2012
  • Alimede

    Yesterday night in Catania the audience was very quiet, true, but we were all mesmerized and in awe, that's the reason why. Bien joué! :)

    May 2012
  • janelesque

    I came back to make sure I said I loved this.

    May 2012
  • janelesque

    I love so much :<

    May 2012
  • RapeBrain

    i'm not mad, the new album is also very good! :)

    May 2012
  • zhadendo


    April 2012
  • mrbackstabber

    613 > Invisible ;<

    April 2012
  • Kaislea


    March 2012
  • RapeBrain

    love him :) sweet tunes, guud drums, and beautiful violin

    January 2012
  • princegarth

    What a great ive in thessaloniki...amazing!

    October 2011
  • Vianouzz

    Incroyable <3

    October 2011
  • kitestring

    "Darling, darling, darling..." крутейшее, как же было сложно найти, кто ее исполняет

    September 2011
  • SaloMusic

    Очень хорошо! Спасибо!

    July 2011
  • life_insurance

    so lovely

    July 2011
  • m-saIami

    Bravo, j'aime beaucoup le rendu :)

    June 2011
  • Katruk


    June 2011
  • SchlandCaro

    I've seen him in Metz two years ago. (: Great show.

    May 2011
  • nguizard

    Vient à Montréal!!!

    May 2011
  • grafonola

    luvin this! ♥

    May 2011
  • Mlenfee

    just wonderful !

    March 2011
  • Imaginarial

    Luggage y Darling, Darling, Darling... me recuerdan a los sones veracruzanos :)

    March 2011
  • kryss25

    Génial !

    February 2011
  • fionaperrine


    January 2011
  • sonnyminimal

    Amazing! A friend suggested I listen. So glad to discover something really cool...

    December 2010
  • Vintage_Burden

    This guy is a genius. I really don't understand why he has so few listeners.

    December 2010
  • Superea

    Magnifique !

    October 2010
  • fmasque

    Gigantesque a la nuit blanche 3, content d'avoir meme pu lui glisser un mot a la fin.

    October 2010
  • obelisko1971

    Chapelier fou ♥

    September 2010
  • Leonideee


    September 2010
  • morgane-e

    Enorme à Dour ! I have to say it was almost breath-taking... and definitely made me want to follow your career from closer

    August 2010
  • GGhootch

    Saw him at both Dour and Sziget. Fucking awesome shows. One of the few artists I'd be proud of to wear a shirt of everywhere.

    August 2010
  • Tvdf

    seen him on sziget. truly magical

    August 2010
  • YordiDreams

    there was some real magic with your performance at Dour. I'll dig your music as much as possible, so life tastes like a dream! greets Yordi, + check out this solo project if you'd like to —

    July 2010
  • Kalundborg

    His new album is totally wicked awesome. I would recommend it to anyone.

    April 2010
  • stammfrau

    Seen him last year, it's a great experience, like swimming in a dream. Magical gig, really.

    February 2010