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Good Morning (3:33)


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  • Афигенская песня*(2)
  • Афигенская песня*
  • It is a good mornin'.. was suprised at the quality of the song.. I was a bit apprehensive when Chamil did a tom petty cover.. but I actually like it. It's (free falling) if you didn't know.
  • not lyrics the beats im talking about
  • it sounds like a song that white ppl would love HAHA
  • good morning free fallin!
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  • not gonna lie this shit surprised the fuck outa me. but it aint all that bad... just not what i was expecting on an Eminem Radio [2] LOL. i cracked up at the intro.
  • "they hate seeing you be succesfull" great song by chamil
  • saw this on my list last night, so i decided to pause and listen to it this morning. :P
  • YEAHHH!!!! ONE OF THE BEST I EVER HEART!!! @roc: spartak moskau 4 ever
  • Dope but not catchy
  • Sactown
  • love the Tom Petty sample, really nice, almost thought it was going to be Dj Earworm at first http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JO0NpDV_I5M
  • Guilty pleasure.
  • this shit weak as fuccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk wow who the fuck agrees with this shit. hahahahahahahahahaha this nigga wiggity wack.
  • love the vid for it.. if i was you i would probably hate on me TOO
  • KillUM CHAM
  • Solid!
  • Chamillionaire stop rapping, your ok, your not as good as you used to be, BUT YOU HAVE NOTHING TO SAY, listen to one song off of Mixtape Messiah 7 and you've heard the same song that he released in the last two years.
  • lol better than i thought. G'Morning Haters!
  • sounds like the instrumental's the tom petty song Breakdown.
  • not gonna lie this shit surprised the fuck outa me. but it aint all that bad... just not what i was expecting on an Eminem Radio
  • Good Morning ;D
  • ok
  • Mornin haters, had your hater coffee this mornin I see had that hater mornin look as well good good whats the paper you're reading has hater written all over it thats your favorite story
  • fuck this shit
  • goooooodmornin' ha-ha-ha-ha-haterrrrz
  • this song aint to bad cant wait to see him in concert next month . . . WestSide
  • Soundtrack for ALL my HATERS!!!!!
  • This is song is so true! Your problems give others somethin to talk about but fuck all your haters you know you! The video is on Music Choice urban&latin channel if you got Time Warner it's channel 437
  • This actually sounds pretty nice.
  • Kinda hated it at first. It's ok..sucks I ain't seen it on tv though
  • Welcome back Cham! I heard this song the day I quit my job to sell real estate full time against what people say.. And make more $$.. Take that Hataz!!
  • Gooooooooooood Morning
  • Haters take that
  • songs nasty
  • Good Monin my haterz 8-]
  • Great Song...This Songs For You Haters
  • CHAM, This is Really Great ;))
  • GREAT SONG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • WTF? I like the song but when it first came on i started humming free falling by tom petty. nice sample.
  • Love this song
  • I wanna show all of my haters love! This song's for u!
  • great video
  • video is alright, startin to like it, lawl!! ?(
  • this sounds so gay on the first listen..
  • Chamillionaire's new single "Good Morning" on itunes now. new album "Venom" Dec 8th. buy a real copy - support real music.
  • Love the concept of the song


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