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  • Been a while
  • He's good. But Venom fake and Poison possibly fake too. He's a good rapper, but leaving his fans teased and always saying that he'll be working on his next album, but going silent about it every other month while riding the tech train. Man, that just sucks.
  • washed up bottom of the barrel scrub nigga
  • End of a Knife - Masterpiece! (2)
  • Try against me riding dirty
  • End of a Knife - Masterpiece!
  • Go Getta ♥
  • Come to Sweden or Hungary, plz Cham!
  • if a skeezah ask me to feed her with my visa then ima leave her cooper dont't want ya cooper don't need ya
  • The Houston Legend Freestyle is really dope, a nice dedication to Houston hip-hop
  • the show in moscow was awesome! thanks Cham!!!
  • Слушаю только одну песню. И то, благодаря PewDiePie.
  • how the fuck is anyone saying Reignfall fails, this shit was on point, 7 songs 7 songs with replay value... Cham stay dropping that hot shit
  • Here We Go Again is doooooooooooopeeeeeeee
  • For me Reignfall is better than Elevate
  • Reignfall fail......
  • to me he's the best talented rapper alive who makes more sense in his lyrics
  • just get here to say that fuckin universal ruined his shine.
  • yep lets rid
  • I have to agree with carAnthony, I think the same. Anyway it's always great to have new music from Koopa
  • Gotta agree with carAnthony. Ammunition is much better. Elevate got few tracks, but all in all it's an average EP, not like Ammunition which is almost album quality.
  • True that carAnthony...still worth a listen do
  • I don't think Elevate is great EP... Ammunition was much better (maybe EP of the year), and Elevate is not as good as that EP in any way...
  • Slow Loud & Bangin <3
  • New Ep Is Fenomenal
  • Almost 10 millions scrobbles
  • Elevate EP is pretty sick
  • чёрт ссаный
  • New EP is really good. His previous EP - Ammunition, was pretty good too. It sucks that most people will probably ignore Cham, cuz he doesn't rap over Lex Luger/Drumam Boy beats and has no famous feats.
  • @sOuller He never left.
  • new ep kinda dope
  • well, that is what i call a comeback
  • Только Ridin', только Chamillionaire!!!
  • Let 'Em Know!
  • Show Love (feat. D.A) ♡ [2]
  • creepin' ft. game & luda!
  • vote up
  • Show Love is CRAZY
  • Show Love (feat. D.A) ♡
  • Still banging that MM2.
  • Both of his albums are the shit. Waiting on the 3rd album. [2]
  • ultimate victory is the shit
  • We need some new material ...
  • Mayne noboby is as dope as Chamillionaire. I'm so glad he's off of Universal. Can't wait for Poison!! ;D
  • They see me rollin' they hatin' :D


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