• Flamenco-muziek

    13 Jul 2008, 00:01 by Kaiser_Franz

    Vandaag gezocht op flamenco-muziek op de Last FM-radio. Via Paco de Lucía uitgekomen bij schitterende 'similar artists': Vicente Amigo, Tomatito en de flamenco-chill sound van Chambao met hun album 'Pokito a poko'. Super!!!! Tomatito Pokito a Poko Pokito a Poko Vicente AmigoPa La Pimpi
  • last.fm audience only enjoys journals about music?

    31 Jan 2007, 21:37 by Nillo86

    Having tried a couple of times to extend my journal to subjects which are not strictly about music tastes, I have come to the conclusion that people in this community are not interested in discussing about the music market or alike, which has materialised in no comments in my posts :-(. Interesting to find out, though I expected that music makers would be motivated to ellaborat on these subjects. Let's wait and see, I may try later! In the meantime, let's go back to what we all enjoy: pure music.

    One of my first ever cyber friends, and friend here in last.fm is [vadaniaflame. She has introduced me to some new music which is worth mentioning:

    Nino de Pura

    She sent me the Pozo y Caudal album from him. [Barewires, watch out for it because it is a good representation of what plays. As guitarist, this album is very instrumental and melodic, but really swings. You will find there not only but also bass, drums, and... well I cannot remember right now what else!