• Anyone up for some post-rock? #2

    13 Jun 2010, 04:11 by Jeboo-

    Unfortunately I’ve been incredibly busy lately, and On The Tune has been a bit neglected (as have the artists I’m working on reviews for – don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten any of you!). But I figured I’d do this up quickly tonight. I need to get back into the swing of making the time to post.

    Cerulean Crayons is a one-man project by August Thomé, and I think his own words describe it fairly well:
    “Cerulean Crayons is a music project with ambient guitar sounds recorded in a lo-fi fashion with an abundance of overdubs and little cerebral direction. It’s very lowkey, borderline dull, and the preferred listening experience would be while trying to sleep or while reading a book.”

    I think “dull” sounds a bit harsh, but like some other post-rock it really can just be background music if you want. And it’s pretty good too.

    “_BATCH1” is a release of 10 tracks, and it’s available for free.

    August asked that I link you to Cerulean Crayon’s site: http://ceruleancrayons. …