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  • Haters gonna hate
  • @Dekkul yeah f***ing seriously. the music is pretty cool, but the vocals are just awful. He should learn how to say words.
  • found them on Riot Fest...probably the best act I saw during three days.
  • These guys are playing a free show at the Brooklyn Night Bazaar tomorrow, Saturday, September 6th. 165 Banker St, Brooklyn, NY.
  • didn't know the Tasmanian Devil was singing in a band
  • maybe the worst band [2]
  • Did not like Jaded and Faded
  • emo
  • Fantastic Gig Tonight In Edinburgh!!! Now That's What I Call Hardcore... :)
  • It's nice to here some new hardcore that isn't just people playing metal badly.
  • maybe the worst band
  • ha ha my favortie place to find new bands is adult swim
  • @ yahdudenoway Yeah you're right I couldn't give a fuck about punk, all I know is they know how to write a good tune.
  • These guys rule!
  • Amazing stuff for a bunch of youngsters, sounds fuckin great to me.... :)
  • Listening to this band is like drinking diet-Pepsi.
  • so cool and hardcore
  • Saw them live a couple of years ago.Very entertaining :)
  • please take a listen
  • So fake and tryhard it hurts [2]
  • Go fuck yourself hipsters
  • Waahhhh an actual punk band got some mainstream attention waahhh what sellouts wahhh you guys aren't trv pvnk if you like them
  • at a show a fewyears ago i tackled the lead singer while he was playing. he was cool with it but the stoney-looking guitarist was all like, "hey, what the fuck man!?" hahaha
  • Wow, I totally get a Chuck Mosley vibe from the singer, diggin it
  • Well, of course it's not innovative punk-rock by any means. Still I think one can hear them having fun and this transfers to my ears :)
  • punk by music by and for people who dont care about punk music
  • I don't find this band cool or interesting and it makes me feel old as fook.
  • This is good stuff, don't be a snob.
  • VAPO-RATS. hardcore punk outta New Orleans. They play an 80's style of punk. Equally catchy/aggressive music. Touring the East Coast later this summer. Check out their music and leave em' a shout on their
  • So fake and tryhard it hurts
  • ♥♥♥♥
  • Like bad brains, but better at skateboarding.
  • how to buy your way into punk [2]
  • Great!
  • how to buy your way into punk
  • Wooow i Like This!!!
  • fucking love your guys!
  • I find myself enjoying this "hipster-core bullshit" a lot.
  • saw these guys when they opened up for OFF! in Tampa. it was hilariously great.
  • music is very good.
  • Спасибо за отличный концерт в мск! <3 шоу на ура
  • trying too hard
  • Fake self-righteous shit.
  • Here:
  • where can i find a download ??
  • touring with the horrors? thi is perfect
  • so are u going to moscow in december?
  • why are they touring with the horrors?
  • Supported these guys a couple of shows in UK, worth checking out - "Horrors That You've Seen" 11 track album:


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