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  • Avatar for ColonyofMetal
    v That's because the last three tracks are from the Emperor's Return EP.
  • Avatar for nds76
    The production isn't that good on the last 3 tracks. They don't sound loud like the previous 9 tracks.
  • Avatar for Mya_Kvlta
    lemme listen to this again....and again....and again.....again again again
  • Avatar for GwenEatsBrains
    Best album ever, other metal albums are just kindergarten efforts compared to this masterpiece.
  • Avatar for rOnieAirhead
  • Avatar for beli3ver
    best riffs ever
  • Avatar for CoryellsGhost
    Anybody who tells you this isn't one of the greatest albums of all time is an asshole
  • Avatar for DiogoAlvim777
    Classic! <3
  • Avatar for SatanaMango
    UGHHH !!!!! [13]
  • Avatar for althefknamsrtkn
    Every... fucking... riff... rules
  • Avatar for Tymbolic
  • Avatar for beli3ver
    UGHHH !!!!! [12]
  • Avatar for Bubleg
    UGHHH !!!!! [11]
  • Avatar for VasTell
    UGHHH !!!!! [10]
  • Avatar for nokturnal-fear
    Tom G. Warrior is a fucking guitar god. Few have come close to even *trying* to emulate his guitar playing.
  • Avatar for HatredDefined
    fucking killer album! [4]
  • Avatar for BaronVonH
    Brilliant album. Listened to it for 24 years now. Never gets old.
  • Avatar for Bartos1
    Fucking Fucker Fuck! [fuck]
  • Avatar for whiteravenmetal
    fucking killer album! [3]
  • Avatar for octopuss22
    Can't get enough of this masterpiece. All of the songs from this masterpiece are godlike. The only one i don't like is Danse Macabre... but the others are so fucking amazing.
  • Avatar for Woaaw
  • Avatar for Burymeinsmoke22
    This and To Mega Therion are too killer.
  • Avatar for octopuss22
    Their best album!
  • Avatar for Ugly13
    old school classic... I have a tattoo of this cover!
  • Avatar for Global_Carnage
    UGHHH !!!!! [9]
  • Avatar for niQboy
    "Would it be crazy to call this album grindcore?" Yes.
  • Avatar for Soundservant
    This and Monotheist are the only Celtic Frost album I need. And yes, UGHHH !!!!! [8]
  • Avatar for Deficite24
    "Are you MORBID?"
  • Avatar for CycoWalter
    UGHHH !!!!! [7]
  • Avatar for AndreDias164
    fucking killer album! [2]
  • Avatar for xtreEmee
    fucking killer album!
  • Avatar for Rottengorer
    UGHHH !!!!! [6] my fav album by CF
  • Avatar for szczypiorofix
    UGHHH !!!!! [5]
  • Avatar for DavCnuk
    awesome album
  • Avatar for respiraator
  • Avatar for Bubleg
    their best
  • Avatar for WarlordOfBlood
    Great album
  • Avatar for CycoWalter
    the best
  • Avatar for Arkhaeopteryx
    "Actually reminds me of Darkthrone" That's like saying that Hellhammer reminds you of Warhammer (from Germany).
  • Avatar for Katorevenge
    Actually reminds me of Darkthrone
  • Avatar for dsfaxover
    so much punk influence.. love this shit
  • Avatar for xxweirdwonderxx
    UGHHH !!!!! [3]
  • Avatar for AndOneLTU
    Probably their best with To Mega Therion
  • Avatar for sleazenrapture
    UGHHH !!!!! [2]
  • Avatar for szczypiorofix
    UGHHH !!!!!
    Practically a punk rock record, so much d-beat on here.
  • Avatar for skully21392
  • Avatar for Global_Carnage
    @ Cagaphan: The version I have is a full-length album without the Emperor's Return part.
  • Avatar for NecroMan666
    Classic and still great :)
  • Avatar for heavenhell67
    yes ! this is real death metal


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