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  • Avatar for Blue_Carpet
    Fairly the best song of Celldweller.
  • Avatar for Paoolina
    sounds like early Linkin Park [2]
  • Avatar for PrincessChaos45
    Song sounds absolutely awesome<3
  • Avatar for Rpoman
    this is an awesome song!
  • Avatar for Roll_Mann
    intro sounds like early Linkin Park
  • Avatar for Theivvid
    Road Rash Jailbreak !!
  • Avatar for ThisGame
    Ooo coolness...
  • Avatar for Sukazluk
    it's fucking amazing!!!
  • Avatar for i4thashorties
    i love celldweller and all Klayton's remixes and collab's, but this isn't my favorite. the remixes of this song are awesome, but like pink cat said, its a bit dated, and a little monotonous, but still.. celldweller kicks ass
  • Avatar for pinkneko
    I wanted to like it but it just seems to typify a particular sound that hasn't aged very well in my opinion. Some great guitar in there however.
  • Avatar for bribes
    Love ittttt
  • Avatar for Nailfan
    had listen, 4 of 5
  • Avatar for prokoschnov
    ÉNORME !!!
  • Avatar for Danielcarmoo
  • Avatar for Muftobration
    The bass pad in the parts lacking guitar is sopping wet with aural juice. I love it.
  • Avatar for ladybuggin66
    GAR-BITCH!!! Banning this shit AHORA!!! Trent wannabe, non-singin' mutha-fucka...
  • Avatar for wuzuquanguy
    My favorite Celldweller track. It's good knowing that he's still rocking after A Circle of Dust.
  • Avatar for Miraclemunkee
  • Avatar for DarkRaven40k
    this is a master peice by Klayton once again celldweller are in my top 3 fave bands with zeromancer and emigrate
  • Avatar for Agent_Andersen
    Ur U FuckingMind???? Klayton is singer & frontmen
  • Avatar for calm_envy_oOo
    amazing <3
  • Avatar for versionfiv
  • Avatar for fsk-_-
    Felixtehbeaver: very true. I rarely ever listen to Celldweller as "background" music, it's just not fit as such.
  • Avatar for JustCrazyBoy
    Какие к чертовой матери аудио наркотики!? епть это все мура, слушайте этого засранца селдвеллера и притесь =)))) только не до передоза =)
  • Avatar for Felixtehbeaver
    Cant believe im starting to like this song after like 3 years, you really need to concentrate when u listen to the celldweller songs, otherwise its just a big mess and you never know which song ur listening to
  • Avatar for kyrakat1987
    Klayton! yummy!!
  • Avatar for Industrialboll
    Interview up on
  • Avatar for Veriahl
    Really good song by the guy who more or less defined my start in music taste...
  • Avatar for ArchAngelisk451
    I can imagine a car chase to this...
  • Avatar for Ecletico_o
    coooooolll!! I´m in a tranceeee
  • Avatar for Voodookingmafia
  • Avatar for cricamose
  • Avatar for Leyshack
    Always inspiring...
  • Avatar for bassbluete
  • Avatar for scrumbledeggs79
  • Avatar for Govindons
    U just got to luv them <3
  • Avatar for Helgead
    great song
  • Avatar for danpaparoach
    conheci agora,muito foda a música!!!
  • Avatar for Themeros
    I'm addicted to this song! O.O Awesome!

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