• Ratin' yo library (2.0 edition)

    3 May 2015, 11:32 by Dlartrisky

    It's early daytime so I want to make it an edition 2.0 of a game I started! Yay!

    Worth to note the order at the end will get rearranged because just recently I managed to add 2 more libraries into this game. Welcome more hours of music!
    + Also I followed WATIC242's idea and now I'll have to post a ranking of everything I heard from all the libraries down here. The bottom 5 library songs will get a punishment of somewhat: their libraries will be 'eliminated' from my recent station list just so I could clean up properly. ^^ Maybe one of those 5 will reappear sooner or later, but so many libraries all at once and no one dares to play Play Library in various groups rather than the same people. :(

    Okay so I begin with...

    Filthgrinder__ | MayhemPagan Fears

    Reminds me of that kind of music Saetiah would enjoy. (: I don't even know if he likes Mayhem however, but I find it goooooood. [7.5/10]

    Mommabee68 | The AlarmHallowed Ground

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