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  • Avatar for bonjovyborges
    i love you Catamenia
  • Avatar for DWI3EK
    Will their next album also include at least one wolf on the cover?
  • Avatar for Varder
    Although not familiar with most of their work, I consider "Chaos Born" a melodic black metal masterpiece.
  • Avatar for nnnienke
    Awesome :D \\m/
  • Avatar for ColdSlaughter
    Eskhata > Chaos Born > Halls of Frozen North > Location: COLD > Eternal Winter's Prophecy > The Time Unchained > Winternight Tragedies > Morning Crimson > Cavalcade
  • Avatar for trueCANCER
    Winternight Tragedies is good too
  • Avatar for bonjovyborges
    try Chaos Born, it is my favorite... or even Halls of frozen north if you like more oldschool sound...
  • Avatar for dAziks
    I'm new to Catamenia. Started off with "Location: COLD" album. I like it. Can anyone suggest which album to try out next? I'm more interested towards black metal sound.
  • Avatar for Nenervuoki
  • Avatar for Eugene1878
    Группа хорошая, я уже дважды их дискографию прослушал, но это и не пахнет блэк-металом, это чистый финский мдм. Очень похожи на Kalmah, а местами даже на ранних Чилдренов.
  • Avatar for wandy-kalmah
    muito foda!!
  • Avatar for onlycharles
    Fucking brutal!!!!! Eskhata is their best album. Masterpiece of the Melodic Death Metal
  • Avatar for rider_bass
    catamenia is amazing band! i love them, especially before 2008 :)
  • Avatar for darkonyxswe
    Blackmension might be the only song which overall improved over the original on The Rewritten Chapters, only the solo is severely lacking... It's sad the new members took the band away from the melodic black metal sound they had before. The new singer is not a bad replacement though, sounds almost alike most of the time.
  • Avatar for GodLord0
  • Avatar for elendil42
    Когда нечего слушать и это пойдет ))))
  • Avatar for NAV_VAN
    Неоднозначное впечатление... Частично (не всё) - в коллекцию, под настроение - зашибись))).
  • Avatar for HeartOfAWolf
    Fallen ❤️
  • Avatar for Sparrow__
    great lyrics
  • Avatar for dAziks
    vvvv Insomnium is still great?
  • Avatar for ferchozer
    Buenisima banda de lo mejor dle Black Melodic lml
  • Avatar for KaHeJoKo
    For a short moment I thought I was listening Amorphis... But... Well it's just close, like 'em both, but as in different genres... ( I'm comparing this to that tuhat vuotta song that was a lot more melodic black than this to my opinion... Keepy uppy the good work mates!!
  • Avatar for versionfiv
    i was just thinking that the other day colony666.
  • Avatar for Colony666
    why do all finnish bands turn to SHIT, they all start off so great
  • Avatar for bonjovyborges
    Truly addicted, Again !!!!!
  • Avatar for Russian_Wolf
    есть приятные вещи, но в целом too melodic
  • Avatar for Metallox45ok
    говнище суцукодятлы поклонники дома 2
  • Avatar for metal_and_hc
    so underrated!
  • Avatar for Alice_North
    nice melodies
  • Avatar for Tensir
    I like them mostly when the vocal is clean.
  • Avatar for masterZU
    The best Melodic Black Metal band!
  • Avatar for bonjovyborges
  • Avatar for versionfiv
    yeah . anyway finally got the chance to hear Demo 95 and its awesome. i conclude that Winds and Demo 95 are my favorite stuff by this band.
  • Avatar for Baalslayer
    Winternight Tragedies" & "Location: Cold" were also quite descent, then after that that, they completely lost it. Would be really nice if someday they would return to writing the ultra Atmospheric, super Melodic BLACK METAL again, cut out those God-awful clean vocals, and start using keyboards again, because quite frankly, the last 3 full-lengths are just horrible IMO, and devoid of any of that majestic, wintery atmosphere this band once had.
  • Avatar for Baalslayer
    The first album "Halls of Frozen North" is a gem. By far the best thing this band ever did, in my opinion. The song structures are quite short and simplistic, but they captured a very atmospheric, wintery atmosphere that they would never quite reach again -- although they would come VERY close on "Eternal Winter's Prophecy" and "Chaos Born".
  • Avatar for Merchardin
    I hear it first time... i don't know the word to describe this music! GREAT !
  • Avatar for Jagermeister14
    Heil Finland!
  • Avatar for ehgwvmsp
    Yo no he escuchado los últimos albumes (CD) después de Location: COLD, pero desde su comienzo de Catamenia hasta Location: COLD es la más grande y maravillosa música del Black Metal de todos los tiempos. I have not hear Catamenia after Location: COLD, but from its beginnings to Location: Cold are the greatest band black metal of all time. The most wonderful music of Metal!!!
  • Avatar for Muinaiset
    Eskhata and Eternal Winter's Prophecy are both better than Chaos Born, in my opinion, but Chaos Born is still excellent. The only thing they've done that I don't really like too well is Cavalcade. Also, The Rewritten Chapters is crap.
  • Avatar for aphoticapathy
    Good band.
  • Avatar for darkonyxswe
    They used to be a great band. [2] I agree... Location: COLD was the last album that was awesome... the rest that followed are not worth mentioning... unfortunately I would say, as they're really good back then :/
  • Avatar for MMMMMorshu
    I wonder why every kultfag hates the rewritten ones. Learn to respect evolution. Get out of your closets, or wait, don't, it's not my business after all and I bet you'll even call me a scenekid-fangirl too.
  • Avatar for Plastonick
    Coldbound is the only song from theirs I've not enjoyed. Why's it so popular?
  • Avatar for macke_jo
    Chaos Born is probably one of the greatest Melodic Black Metal releases ever!
  • Avatar for darkcurse1907
  • Avatar for Archaeaeon
    They used to be a great band.
  • Avatar for 6Eskhata6
    I just realized after years of not listening to them that ChaosBurn is still a masterpiece. I really dislike almost everything after Location:COLD though... This band died to me years ago :(
  • Avatar for Walstuu
    Funny how they succeeded to rape every re-recorded song. Ill never listen that piece of shit again.
  • Avatar for OBLIVIONxSPAWN
    Ugh. The re-written version of "Kuolon tanssi" is facepalm worthy when compared with the original. Hell, most of the re-written versions are.
  • Avatar for Verderber
    First time listening to those guys since I was about 17. Eh, not as bad as I feared. Nice make-up in that Chaos Born booklet.


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