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  1. A wa-inspired visual kei indies band based in Fukuoka City, Kyushu, Japan. The band started 2005.07.07 with four members.

    Original members:

  2. Nihilizm is a visual kei rock band from Tokyo, Japan formed on November 25, 2013.

    Vocal: 義人 (Yoshito) (Ravest blow → REECH → Decay →…

  3. Line-up:

    Vo. Vemu
    Gt. YASU
    Ba. 匠 (Takumi)
    Dr. 佑 (You)

  4. llll-Ligro- is a visual kei band from Japan, formed in 2010/12/19.

    Vo. ヒナタ (Hinata)
    Gt. kazari

    Ba. tatsuki Virulent]


  5. Lustknot is visual kei band from Japan, formed in 2011. Lustknot will be indefinitely on a hiatus after their live 2014.05.25 at HOLIDAY NAGOYA NEXT…

  6. Re:dis was a band from Nagoya, Japan signed to Shimizuya Records. They were formed in 2008 but started acting in 2009 They disbanded 26 October…

  7. Decay was a visual kei band formed in 2011 and disbanded at 2012/08

    Vo: Yoshito (now in Nihilizm)
    Gt: Shion
    Ba: Noy
    Dr: Senya

  8. Members:

    Vocal: 火威斗-kaito-
    Guitar: Katsuki
    Guitar: 柊-syu-
    Bass: 大蛇-orochi-
    Drums: 大介-daisuke-(support)



  9. Signal is a Japanese visual kei band that started its activities with 百合, ルア, SHION and Korey, on 2011/06/07 after some "secret events" in April.…

  10. CodeRebirth is a visual kei rock band formed in January 2012 in Chiba, Japan. They released their first demo CD "In Corrupt Light" in February and…

  11. BLACK CAT is a is a Japanese visual kei band that started its activities on 2010/03/07, under the name ぶらっく★きゃっと.

    SPEED STAR: リオン -Rion- (ex.…

  12. gengah. is the solo project of 壱-hajime-.

    Die La'vice → Cloche → S.C.R.M → THE GLADROW → TRIGGAH

  13. GHOSE is a metal/nagoya kei-band formed formed 1st January 2012 in Japan , and they signed under DUAL CORE SOUND ENTERPRISE.

    GHOSE members :…

  14. XIBALBA is a Sendai visual band that restarted activities on November 27th, 2009 at Sendai HooK.

    Vo:ARYU (ex燃える粉雪)

  15. VELGREED was a Japanese rock band from Osaka, Japan, formed in 2008 and disbanded in 2010.

    Vocal: 鳴 (Naru; ex-Lovin',ex-VULGAR, now in…

  16. RedruM or REDRUM is a visual kei band from Tokyo, Japan that started its activities in 2011. Their first live was held 2011.08.26 at Shibuya BOXX.…

  17. Virulent is a band from Japan formed in 2010.

    Vocals: 煌祐
    Guitar: yuki
    Bass: tatsuki
    Drums: 和也 (joined 2011.04)
    Drums: 翔 (left…

  18. Quinstet is a rock band from Japan formed in late 2009.

    YUKKY - Vocals
    DeDe - Guitar
    ZëL - Guitar
    KUZE - Bass & vocals
    JOL - drums…

  19. DEPAIN is a japanese Indies Visual Kei band, formed in 2009.


    Vo. 龍華 (Ryuka)(ex. uNruSt)
    Gu. 猛 (Takeru)(ex. Medue'obscur (support) →…


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