• Friday Random Ten ("Stealing Shamelessly from the Coworker" Edition)

    28 Sep 2007, 18:42 by lauramich

    A few weeks ago, a couple of coworkers and I set our iTunes libraries to "shared" so that we can all listen to each other's music. I've been taking wicked advantage of this, especially of the coworker whose library contains almost 4,500 songs . Since I'm kind of cheap about spending money on music that I'm not 100% sure I'm going to like, this has been an awesome way for me to hear more of artists I've been curious about. In addition to catching up on older Tori Amos, I've heard more of the Shins (yay!) plus some Belle and Sebastian (okay, but I don't think it's ever going to get under my skin) and Sigur Rós (I don't think so).

    Anyway, this week's FRT comes courtesy of his collection:

    1. All Things Reconsidered, Phish

    It's not bad, but I can't help thinking of Kumar's exchange with the "business hippie" in Harold and Kumar to to White Castle: "Please. Like they want to go listen to a bunch of Phish records while you read your lame ass poetry."

    2. Crazy, Barenaked Ladies
  • Top Ten 2006: #10 - Cat Power

    22 Dec 2006, 00:26 by mrkvm

    Counting down my top ten albums of 2006 with a set of reviews of all ten albums. Here's number 10:

    The Greatest (2006)

    I have a few friends (and they know I'm talking about them right now) that just can't fathom why I like Cat Power. For all the out-there stuff I like, Chan Marshall's low-key indie singer/songwriter thing doesn't necessarily seem to fit in. But, of course, my tastes are widespread, and what it comes down to is that I love a good female vocalist and, sometimes, I just love songs. So, for me, Cat Power has got those two things down perfectly. Her smoky, intimate vocal delivery has been a favorite of mine since I discovered Moon Pix, and she's a downright wonderful songwriter.

    So, what happens when an artist I like for being low-key, stripped-down, and intimate goes and gets herself a backing band of Memphis session musicians? Magic. …