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  • Avatar for AcidinmyShoe
    Mounds of Ash/Obsian are nearly perfect
  • Avatar for Awfulest
    what can I do if i like the black metal band and also the emo band?
  • Avatar for ironhedd
    Absolutely stunning. I wish there were more.
  • Avatar for missmetal86
    stupid emo tag -_-
  • Avatar for cletus77
    Obsian FTW
  • Avatar for liberatoo
  • Avatar for indiebrit
  • Avatar for Gebrilas
    Wtf is that emo tag
  • Avatar for xxxKillianxxx
    lol kill that emo tag
  • Avatar for Ollemann
    Yes, that bass immediately grabbed my attention. Excellent.
  • Avatar for ynasqzae
    Fucking love the bass on Obsian. I also love the guitars. And the drums. And the vox.
  • Avatar for MorbidEngels
    But black Castevet music was better.
  • Avatar for Verderber
    Oh this is wonderful. Legally force the name away from the band that's been using the name for much longer than you, have them rename themselves CSTVT in the process - which is much more kvlt anyways - and then break up. I like the music, really, but this is beyond douchy.
  • Avatar for davygrohl
    Does that mean CSTVT can claim their rightful name back?
  • Avatar for MorbidEngels
  • Avatar for moeteiru
    I see, that makes sense. I'm not familiar with Czral or his work but will give it a listen. I've since warmed to the track somewhat and would be interested in checking out its inspiration.
  • Avatar for Jimsonisolation
    It was a homage of sorts to Czral, man.
  • Avatar for moeteiru
    Obsian is absolutely perfect in my opinion, with the really unfortunate exception of the clean vocals on the last track. They're just really lethargic-sounding, practically comatose, and don't fit the otherworldly atmosphere of the rest of the music at all. I think there are ways Castevet could pull off clean vocals, but that is not it. Other than that though the album is a freaking fantastic, ballistic voyage through hyperspace.
  • Avatar for simpleisbliss88
    Those clean vocals kinda suck. Obsian isn't bad, but the clean vocals on the last track are super NU.
  • Avatar for XfnSnow
    Rated/Reviewed in my [url=]2013 Journal[/url].
  • Avatar for ironhedd
    The Tower reminds me of Witch Hunt by Rush.
  • Avatar for affasf
    I take it back. It needs several listens to be appreciated. Well done Andrew, my bad.
  • Avatar for xVictimOfADownx
    Yeah, it's definitely growing on me more. Liking it as much as the debut now.
  • Avatar for mikkasscar
    @Mrozikos667: give it a few more spins, you are missing out a lot, brilliant continuation of Mounds of Ash in my opinion, even more dense and with more unexpected twists and turns, really a grower (just as Mounds of Ash was)
  • Avatar for Mrozikos667
    I just cannot understand how a band that recorded the lovely "Mounds of Ahs" put out something like "Obsian". I mean, ok, maybe I'm missing something, maybe I'm just stupid, but while listening to it (3 times already) I feel nothing. Void. Just some background fuzz coming in through one ear and out through the other. One of the severest disappointments of the year.
  • Avatar for Rock-A-Rolla
    Castevet interviewed in the latest issue of Rock-A-Rolla! Check it out here:
  • Avatar for DragonBottles
    @ohsoimpulsive: Picking on someone's taste on a website based on musical taste is the lowest common denominator of comebacks. Try harder.
  • Avatar for tricksterc
    Obsian is pretty sweet. Gotta different vibe to it. Not sure if it's better than Mounds of Ash yet, but I like.
  • Avatar for xVictimOfADownx
    I like the debut a tad more from first listen, took a bit for it to really open up to me because there were a few lulls in bits of the first 3 tracks. Really enjoyable though, I can see this growing one me in the coming weeks/months.
  • Avatar for ohsoimpulsive
    I like Obsian more with each listen.
  • Avatar for affasf
    apparently, listening Devin Townsend gave you a lot of confidence. that's good, kid, that's good.
  • Avatar for ohsoimpulsive
    affasf's top listens this week.. Justin Timberlake. The album is really good.
  • Avatar for affasf
    Obsian is kinda shitty.
  • Avatar for xThisisdisaster
    I was going to name my band Castevet, but I think I'll reconsider.
  • Avatar for blackmetalcore
    new album in October
  • Avatar for Jamesismynamo
  • Avatar for adamdemamp
    I miss having these twinkle daddies in my life!
  • Avatar for rhinowing
    when I'm feeling a little too good about humanity I come to this shoutbox
  • Avatar for blue_iPod
    the tags and top plays on this page are fucking hilarious in light of the lawsuit [2] EMO IS A GANG
  • Avatar for Foln
    MyElbowsFellOff: agree.. this is really stupid.. shouldnt be too hard. they have the seperate song names and album names.. should be possible to do something so that they get seperated by that.
  • Avatar for nojkmisanthrope
    This shoutbox was everything I hoped it would be and more
  • Avatar for Before_I_Die_
    beautiful music
  • Avatar for prettyincasts
    CSTVT can't fuck with my fucking unfuckwithable swag...fucking posers!
  • Avatar for prettyincasts
    "Wow, prettyincasts is one of the most annoying & self-righteous cunts I have ever seen on the internet. That has to be worth some kind of award or medal" U mad brah?
  • Avatar for MyElbowsFellOff
    2012 and lastfm still hasn't found a fucking solution to bands with the same name sharing a page?
  • Avatar for rhinowing
    the tags and top plays on this page are fucking hilarious in light of the lawsuit
  • Avatar for lightfuse
    Great Band, reminds me a lot of Twelve Hour Turn. Give me more!
  • Avatar for railpresureflip
    How the fuck did I JUST discover 'The Echo And The Light'?
  • Avatar for prettyincasts
    "CSTVT ‏@CSTVT (the Castevet from Chicago) Can someone with a Last FM account tell everyone we're not broken up, we practice every Wednesday, and we're only 1 song away from a new LP" Hey this is the Castevet page, you need to be on the CSTVT page for these requests. Thank you.
  • Avatar for nothanxtopaulo
    CSTVT ‏@CSTVT (the Castevet from Chicago) Can someone with a Last FM account tell everyone we're not broken up, we practice every Wednesday, and we're only 1 song away from a new LP?


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