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Casbah, one of Japan’s most popular thrash metal bands, formed in October 1983 by vocalist Taka Hatori and original guitarist Nariaki Kida. The band has mostly consisted of the nucleus of Taka Hatori and Ryu Murayama; from their beginnings in 1983 through 1986/1987, the band wore crazy Attack Metal costumes and wore make-up, a la KISS and Seikima-II, and played a very heavy, pounding Thrash Metal…in fact, the track "Death Metal" was indeed one of the first references to this new type of music by that name alone. Starting in 1986/1987, the band moved towards a more HC/Thrash style of metal that still remained heavy, but perhaps not as raw and visceral.

Casbah toured with a lot of bands like Shell Shock, DOOM, Jurassic Jade, United, Riverge, Sacrifice and Rose Rose.

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