• Review: Cary Brothers - Under Control

    18 Apr 2010, 21:33 by innerearmedia

    Cary Brothers – Under Control
    April 6, 2010


    With his first full-length, “Who You Are”, Cary Brothers already showed he’s more than just another talented singer-songwriter. He is creative in his songwriting and isn’t afraid to try out things.

    On “Under Control” he continues this approach, yet the album is more organic and has a more direct feel to it. The songs feel very personal at times and Brothers’ strong vocal performance is the centerpiece of this new album.

    Combine this with his interesting songwriting and overall convincing delivery and you have an album that deserves a lot of attention. And just like before, I’m sure it will be getting many positive reviews and critical acclaim among music professionals and musicians. But this time I think the album has a good shot at crossing over to draw in a more mainstream audience.

    Brothers is very active in online promotion and reaching out to fans personally. …