• The Carnivores in Red

    12 Dec 2007, 10:56 by Neuronix

    Tue 11 Dec – Carnivore, Raging Speedhorn, Milkman

    A weekday in Tilburg for a concert of a band that hasn't released an album in 20 years. I wasn't sure what kind of crowd to expect, but it wasn't too bad. Not very crowded, but also not drowning in space.

    Completely missed the opening act Milkman and arrived as Raging Speedhorn was already playing. It's not often that I see a band I have no connection with whatsoever, but they did it. They were raging and that was all there was to it from what I experienced. Anyway, good thing the rage comes out on stage and nowhere else. I'm sure there's a market for this type of music somewhere.

    What followed was an attempt for the longest break between bands on a single evening. During the break we got to hear the theme song to the Efteling fairypark about 12 times in a row. First time was hilarious, second time funny and by the third time it got boring. After close to an hour Carnivore finally hit the stage, dressed in red shirts…