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Carnival in Coal was an / band from Amiens, France. Founded in 1995, the band mixes , and other genres with genres such as , , and .

Originally, Carnival In Coal signed to and released their debut album though the now-defunct French indie label War On Majors Records. The band then released two albums through another French based independent Metal label, Season of Mist, and later signed a multi-album deal to Earache Records and their Elitist Records sub-label. The only album to come from this deal was 2005's Collection Prestige.

The band played its first live show ever in April 2006 at the Killer Fest in Chaulnes (France) and then went on to play several dates across Europe, including festivals like Hellfest Summer Open Air in France and Brutal Assault in Czech Republic.

The band officially disbanded in September 2007.

Since then, Axl has joined Wormfood and C-Rom and also works as a producer at the Walnut Groove Studio. In 2009 he formed The Lovotics with Wormfood's Emmanuel Lévy.

In 2008 Arno formed KrOaK with Marc Pijcke (ACN, Killing Condoms) and also joined Maladaptive. In 2007, he was approached by Scarve to replace Guillaume Bideau. After some rehearsals he finally refused the offer. In 2013 he released a collaborative album as 6:33 & Arno Strobl. He also founded We All Die (Laughing).

In January 2014 Arno Strobl announces a Vivalavida 15th anniversary tour scheduled in summer. In July 2014 he announced that the band changes its name to CinC no to be considered as a reunion since Axel is not part of the new line-up.

Arno Strobl (KrOaK, Maladaptive, Burgul Torkhaïn, Tridus Elasticus, Funny Crime, i-GNÔbl )- vocals
Axel Wursthorn (C-Rom, Wormfood, The Lovotics) - all instruments

Live lineup 2006-2007:
Arno Strobl (KrOaK, Maladaptive, Burgul Torkhaïn, Tridus Elasticus, Funny Crime, 6:33 & Arno Strobl) - vocals
Axel Wursthorn (C-Rom, Wormfood, Sômbre) - bass and samples
Alexis Damien (Pin-Up Went Down, Wormfood, Esthete Piggie) - drums
Romain Caron (John Makay) - guitar and backing vocals
Pierre Antonik (DSK, Tridus Elasticus) - guitar
Julien Cathalo - keyboard and samples
Frédéric Leclercq (Dragonforce, Maladaptive) - guitar
El Worm (Wormfood) - guitar
Timmy Zecevic (Wormfood) - keyboard and samples

Live lineup 2014-2014:
Arno Strobl - vocals
Samuel Santiago (FLESHDOLL, ex-GOROD, LOUDBLAST) - drums
Mathieu Merklen (MERCYLESS) - bass
Emmanuel Rousseau (6:33, ORAKLE) - keyboards
Fack Desgardins ( INFECTED SOCIETY, ex-DROWNING, ex-YYRKOON) - guitar
Romain Caron ( JOHN MAKAY) - guitar, vocals

1997 Sramik (demo)
1999 Vivalavida
1999 French Cancan
2001 Fear Not
2005 Collection Prestige


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